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Côte d'Ivoire

In Ivory Coast, Stars Campaign To Keep People From Emigrating

ABIDJAN — Jumping and dancing to the rhythm of the popular urban music zouglou, they snap pictures on their smartphones of their idols performing onstage. Always smiling and never sitting still, ...


"Refugeeland" - Italy Resettles 80 Asylum Seekers In Town Of 7

The government's placement of migrants could increase the population of Vaccarozzi di Erbezzo...


From Myanmar To Sinai, Dangers Of A Single Word

Rohingya. Outside of Myanmar, it’s a simple word, though not necessarily easy to pronounce. Largely unknown until recently, its utterance now unmistakably evokes persecution, humanitarian tragedy, ...


Why The Vatican Is Now "Off Limits" For Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourist agencies will be severely punished for organizing tour groups to St. Peter's ...


Italian City Welcomes "Islamic Center" After Banning Mosque

All was calm around the recent inauguration of the northern city of Pavia's new Islamic Cente...


Venice For Sale? Historic Buildings Flipped Into Airbnbs

As even the Catholic Church sells off its jewels to hungry hotel developers, the few remaining re...


The Arab Spring Didn't Change My Life, A New Tunisian Exodus To Italy

SFAX — Plastic bags litter the fields that separate the highway from the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisian fishermen sail their boats in the Gulf of Gabes, between the cities of Sfax and Zarzis — and ...


Veneto Referendum: Is This Italian Region The Next Catalonia?

The northern Italian region of Veneto will hold a referendum on gaining greater autonomy from the...