BALNEÁRIO CAMBORIÚ - A sea lion measuring about three meters (9.8 feet) long left his home in the warm waters of the Golfo do Mar and took a waddle-walk into this Brazilian resort city's downtown shopping area.

It was around 5:20 p.m. Saturday evening when onlookers watched as the sea creature reached the main thoroughfare of Atlântica Avenue in Balneário Camboriú, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, Folha de S. Paulo reports.

According to local police, the animal used the cross walk at the busy intersection of Atlântica Avenue. (Sea lions tend to weigh some 300 kilograms (660 lbs)) 

With the help of firefighters and police tossing water to keep it wet, the sea lion made it back safely into the southern Atlantic by about 7 p.m.

(photo: Balneário Camboriú police)

Here's a cell-phone video of the scene: