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Hunger Games? What's Wrong With Cairo's Prison-Themed Restaurant

The restaurant "Garemt Akl" (eating crime) aims to tap into Hunger Games morbidity and real-life ...


Why Empanada Dog Is The Perfect Metaphor For Chile

Chile, not chili! A national deconstructing of that viral video of the hungry Latin American cani...


Going For Broke, One Woman's 320-Euro Trip Around The World

LAUSANNE — First you notice all the tattoos, including one drawn with bamboo by members of a Fillipino tribe. But Sarah Gysler is far from the archetypal modern trend setter. The 23-year-old ...

United States

How A German Architect Became The "Kebab King" Of NYC

Erkan Emre's occasional cravings for Berlin-style döner kebabs led to an unexpected care...


Top Of The World, One Family's Adventures To The North Pole

Now on their third "Under the Pole" expedition, French explorers Emmanuelle Périé-B...


Take 5: Vromageries And Other Restaurants Turning Traditional Cuisine Vegan

Restaurants around the world take the meat and dairy out of food to make traditional food trendy.


System Rotten To The Core? Man Sues Town In Bid To Become "Apple Queen"

Take a bite out of this juicy scandal. In eastern Germany, there's a contest for an “Apple Queen”, where the title goes to a lady who poses with the produce. For years, the town of Guben has ...

United Kingdom

Costume Curiosity

As the conductor of a traditional French choir, I was invited several times to the international music festival in Llangollen, in Wales, where I got to see costumes from around the world. Here, a ...


My Trip Back Home Finds A New Face Of Slovenia

LJUBLJANA — I have been traveling for a few weeks now, on a journey filled with inner dialogue. Searching first for long-desired destinations, I was soon digging deep into my childhood. It was a ...

South Africa

MOCAA: This Cape Town Museum Is Africa's Answer To The MoMA

Africa’s largest museum is set to open in Cape Town next month, backed by a former Puma CEO...


Interlaken, The New Swiss Mecca For Rich Muslim Tourists

The boom from Gulf countries is the direct result of a promotional campaign that features halal m...


A German Butcher's Grosse Idea: Meat Smoothies

*Note: grosse (große) means great in German...


Exotic Amazon Fruit Lures Farmers Away From Coca Cultivation

A wealth of hidden, unfamiliar fruits could help protect Colombia's embattled rainforests by ...


Tourist Hell Is My Hometown, Living In A Vacation Destination

PALMA — You live in one of those special places where people travel from all around the world to visit. A dream? More like a neverending tourist hell, says Venice resident Elisa Crepaldi. “Some of ...


Museum-Worthy Art Planted In Vineyards In The South Of France

AIX-EN-PROVENCE — Here, the vineyard traces the pathways of art. It usually is the other way around, whereby a well-known vineyard expands its activities (rooms for rent, a restaurant, ...


Time To Stick A Fork In The Cult Worship Of Chefs

Restaurants are places for eating, not genuflection.


Beyond The Baby Carrot, A Growing Demand For Mini Vegetables

GENEVA — It's a sight that would have pleased Pantagruel, the 16th-century giant dreamed up by French writer François Rabelais. A horde of mini-vegetables, more numerous and diverse, are taking ...

United States

I Support Trump But Firing FBI Chief Comey Was Wrong

-OpEd- I’m a Donald Trump supporter. I voted for him and — 112 days in — I’d vote for him again. As a former member of Congress, I found his call to “drain the swamp” in Washington particularly ...

United States

Trump Control, From Comey To Korean Peninsula

-Analysis- Having spent his whole life running a family business, Donald Trump is still adjusting to the strategic art of control required to effectively run the White House — and help lead the ...


For Upcoming G7 Summit, Sicily's Sketchy Photo Is Awful PR

TAORMINA — This picturesque seaside Sicilian town has the honor to host next month's crucial G7 summit of top global leaders, which will also be the first major world gathering for newly installed ...

United States

World Newspapers Analyze Trump's "Trigger-Happy" Turnaround On Syria

-Analysis- For the longest time, Donald Trump has disparaged U.S. military involvement in the Middle East, mocked his rival’s strategy in Syria, and unequivocally stated that America’s enemy in ...