Spanish magazine Fuera de Serie has sparked controversy by depicting the U.S. first lady as a topless slave on its new cover.

The cover features Michelle Obama’s face pasted over a famous 19th century French painting showing a slave with one breast exposed.

Hebergeur d'image


The image was designed by British artist Karine Percheron-Daniels. It is part of a larger series of “famous nudes” which includes Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, Abraham Lincoln, and President Barack Obama, reports Le Monde.

The cover story on the magazine, which is a weekly insert of the Madrid business daily Expansión, claims to “give details on how Michelle has managed to seduce the American people." According to Fuera de Serie, Barack Obama's wife is "a woman who has won America’s hearts.”

Although the Spanish magazine refers to the US first lady as the “gran mujer” (great lady) behind the American president, the cover has been accused of depicting Michelle Obama in racist fashion.

The British artist has issued a statement on her website to answer critiques:

“As an artist I only paint and create pictures of people I admire and feel passionate about. Michelle Obama is one of these people”

“I am not a racist. With my art I try and show beauty NOT DIRT”, she adds.