PARIS – When David Beckham announced that he had signed a five-month contract with France's Paris Saint-Germain soccer club, millions of fans of both Monsieur and Madame Spice started fantasizing about the Beckhams moving from the city of angels to the city of lights.

As it turns out, Becks and Posh's kids are already enrolled at schools in London, meaning that the 37-year-old legend will probably be commuting most of the time. All the same, here's what his schedule in Paris might look like:

From L.A. to OOH LA LA feels quite all right…

Soccer practice. Starting easy.

David sees this:

His French is improving- il comprend:

Confirmed reports say Daddy Beckham will donate his entire PSG salary to a children's charity in Paris. Unconfirmed reports say this could lead to a cut in Thursday's weekly allowance check for Becks’ kids: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. In true French fashion: strike is called.

Afternoon practice, then out on the town with new PSG teammate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (hair-swapping optional). 

Shopping, anyone? Posh gets even posher in the fashion capital of the world.

Tired of commuting by plane or Eurostar, Beckham steals his London Olympics’ boat, makes a right after Tower Bridge and drives his way across the Channel.