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United States

Bill Clinton To Donald Trump, Sex And Power Still Stand At Top

Despite the growing list of powerful people toppled in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, ...


High In Italy's Alps, Ancient Tradition Of Cannabis Cultivation Revived

Actually dude, cannabis plants grown in the northern region of Piedmont are quite low in THC cont...


In Geneva, The Sharing Economy Tries To Break Into Art World

Can't afford original artwork? Never fear. For a small fee, people in Geneva can borrow a pie...


Au Pair Or Indentured Servant? Globetrotting Babysitters Face Exploitation

Taking care of a stranger’s children in exchange for food and housing is a popular way to s...


Gérard Depardieu, The Impossible Interview

The legendary French actor just published a very personal book. So why is he so hard to talk to?

South Korea

Cooking Is Like Praying, When A Buddhist Nun Becomes A Celebrity Chef

The South Korea nun's culinary philosophy has influenced chefs and foodies around the world.


Reflections On Capital Punishment, Cries From Death Row

-Essay- CAIRO — I had never really thought much about my position on the death penalty. After I watched the film The Life of David Gale, I started to ask myself how one might possibly work on ...


Secrets Of A Courbet "Ghost" Landscape In Switzerland

Last year, an unknown painting by the famous French artist was left to a small Swiss canton. Mont...


Turkish Cinema Has A Gun To Its Head

A government crackdown on dissent in Turkish cinema is transforming filmmaking and destroying car...


The Hard Labor Of North Korean Workers In China

Recent UN sanctions are trying to limit the flow of money North Korea generates by sending worker...


Power And Language, Where Weinstein Meets French Grammar

PARIS — Le masculin l’emporte. In the French language, this is the idea that “the masculine form takes precedence” over the feminine form when matching an adjective or pronoun to a plural noun. If ...


Drug-Free, Imported DJs, KGB Spies: A Singular Rave Scene In Minsk

Techno scene in Belarus faces a youth tempted by emigration, pricey vinyls and the KGB lurking in...

United Kingdom

Global Warming Pushes Champagne Vines Into England

For several years, the south of England has started to fill with Champagne vines. Faced with glob...


García Márquez, A Writer's Lifelong Obsession With Medicine

Health and medicine were constant themes of the famed Colombian novelist. He also spent his life ...

United States

How Has Trump Avoided Weinstein's Fate?

WASHINGTON — Almost a year after New Yorker Jessica Leeds and other women stepped forward with harrowing accounts of being sexually assaulted by a powerful man, another scandal with similar ...


New Bans On Burqa And Balaclava: A Halloween Guide

PARIS — Winter is coming. People here in the Northern Hemisphere are ready to start bundling up before leaving home. But if you’re in Austria, you might want to think twice about pulling your wool ...

United States

Confidentiality Clauses, What Protects That Predator Boss

Nondisclosure agreements and other contracts perpetuate a culture of sexual harassment and assaul...


Frankfurt Lessons: Books Are Not Inherently A Force For Good

This year's Frankfurt Book Fair was marred by violence amid protests against a far-right publ...

Palestinian Territory

The Jobless Youth Of Gaza Have Lost Faith In Everyone

GAZA CITY — Their world doesn't extend much beyond this piece of sidewalk that never seems to change. Glued to their white plastic chairs, Khaled, Mohammed and Abdel Rahman spend their time ...


Forest Farming v. Cash Crops, Indigenous In India Take A Stand

In the Indian state of Odisha, the Khond, a large Indigenous community, are losing their forest a...


A Hollywood Pig, The Weinstein Scandal Viewed From France

PARIS — According to an ever expanding list of accusers, Harvey Weinstein has been sexually harassing and assaulting women for decades. As of Friday, 28 women have come forward to denounce the ...


Women And Robots, More Than Just A Pretty Face

The sex robot market is expanding, but women must play a core role in the development of all arti...