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Pineapple Drying, Solar Economic Development In Kenya

In rural Kenya, the Waata people were displaced by the creation of a national park. But a sustain...


Siberian Photos Help Connect Argentina To Its Asian Ancestry

There's something strangely familiar about the 99 images on display at the Abadía Art ...


From Weinstein To Bollywood, The Economics Of #MeToo

NEW DELHI — A year after the Harvey Weinstein story first broke, India's own #MeToo movement is finally taking off. Working women are coming forward on social media with stories and details of ...


In Moscow, Modern Solutions For Working Mothers

Co-working centers with free childcare offer a lifeline to the business women of Moscow.


After Mayor Is Arrested, Italy’s “Refugee Town” Fights Back

Nemesis of Italy's anti-immigrant Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, Mayor Domenico Lucano of ...


Watch: OneShot — Grandparents And A Soviet Memorial

Etienne Mallard has spent a lifetime venturing far and wide. A retired high-school philosophy teacher, he has always considered himself nothing more or less than an amateur photographer — with ...


Learn The Language, The Only Real Path For Immigrant Integration

Refugees who are allowed to stay in Germany must attend an integration course. But many of them f...


Argentina Measures The Political Price Of Financial Crisis

A worsening economy in Argentina may cause political shifts before the 2019 presidential elections.


Simply Into Science: How To Tear Down STEM's Gender Wall

One study says it will take at least 100 years to bridge the global gender gap. And 217 years to ...


Blasey Ford To Bollywood, When #MeToo Begets #IBelieve

Saying that we believe survivors doesn’t cost us much, but it gives a lot of women the vali...


The Real Invisible Threat To Democracy: Poverty

Even in economically powerful Germany, poverty threatens the social fabric. And neither the left ...


Female Engineers, The Future Of Africa's Urban Development

As Tanzania seeks to decongest Africa's fastest growing city, more women are stepping up to b...


Helping China's Elderly Catch Up With Our Information Age

BEIJING — A video is making the rounds across China's internet. On a bus in the western city of Xi'an, an elderly man is seen shouting at a pregnant woman that she should give up her seat. "I am ...


Female Sexuality, Still A Victim Of Egypt's Patriarchy

CAIRO — A friend of mine lived alone in downtown Cairo. She was single when she moved in but after getting into a relationship, her boyfriend joined her. One day in 2012, her neighbors saw her ...


"Fat Acceptance" In Latin America: Resisting Tyranny Of The Slim

Latin Americans call it the Movimiento Gordo, accepting weight differences as a way to resist a m...


Call Centers, An Unlikely Refuge For Transgender Filipina Women

BPOs (business process outsourcing) companies are booming in the Philippines, and providing safe ...


Language Battles In India: Benefits Of A Mother Tongue Education

The number of children studying in English in India increased 273% between 2003 and 2011. But the...


For Terminal Patients, Palliative Care Offers "Another Way To Die"

Easing pain and "old-fashioned" home care, rather than intensive hospitalization, are proving the...


The "Yin-Yang" And Bad Economics Of China's Movie Industry

BEIJING — Fan Bingbing, China's highest-paid actress and star of the 2014 blockbuster X-Men, recently received some unwanted public attention—an accusation of tax evasion. The Chinese actress was ...


Starbucks In Italy, Latest Stop On U.S. Food Imperialism Tour

Taco Bell in Mexico? McDonald's in Hamburg? Americans find the recipe abroad, bastardize it, ...


Why The NAFTA Reboot Is A Raw Deal For Mexico

Proposed changes to the trilateral trade accord could scare off investors, hurt Mexican automaker...


Fast (School) Food! Chinese Students Forced To Eat Lunch Standing

Chairs have been removed from the cafeteria in a high school in Henan Province. The reason: save ...