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United States

Confidentiality Clauses, What Protects That Predator Boss

Nondisclosure agreements and other contracts perpetuate a culture of sexual harassment and assaul...


Frankfurt Lessons: Books Are Not Inherently A Force For Good

This year's Frankfurt Book Fair was marred by violence amid protests agains a far-right publi...

Palestinian Territory

The Jobless Youth Of Gaza Have Lost Faith In Everyone

GAZA CITY — Their world doesn't extend much beyond this piece of sidewalk that never seems to change. Glued to their white plastic chairs, Khaled, Mohammed and Abdel Rahman spend their time ...


Forest Farming v. Cash Crops, Indigenous In India Take A Stand

In the Indian state of Odisha, the Khond, a large Indigenous community, are losing their forest a...


A Hollywood Pig, The Weinstein Scandal Viewed From France

PARIS — According to an ever expanding list of accusers, Harvey Weinstein has been sexually harassing and assaulting women for decades. As of Friday, 28 women have come forward to denounce the ...


Women And Robots, More Than Just A Pretty Face

The sex robot market is expanding, but women must play a core role in the development of all arti...


Why Ancient Herbal Medicine Is Still So Popular In Afghanistan

KABUL — In the crowded old city of the Afghan capital, dozens of shops are lined with piles of colourful dried herbs, sitting out in the open. Their fragrance wafts into the street. Hindu ...


Meet Janet Adu, "President" Of The Slums Of Ghana

ACCRA — Ghana has two presidents. The first was elected last December, and is named Nana Akufo-Addo, a 73-year-old British-educated son of a former head of state. The other is Janet Adu, 57, who ...


In Afghanistan, Bodybuilding Gains A Cult Following

KABUL — You see the images everywhere in the streets of Kabul: bare-chested men posing with their protruding and pulsating muscles. Scattered across the Afghan capital, the posters are ...


In Cameroon, Where The Fight Against HIV Is Still A Losing Battle

Lack of resources and social stigma continue to stand in the way of saving lives of those at risk...


Skin In The Game, Up Close With A Feminist Cam-Girl

Sandy makes big money stripping down, but never all-nude.


In Palermo, Mafia Takes Aim At Historic Vucciria Market

PALERMO — As the Sicilian capital’s oldest market, La Vucciria has long drawn visitors from around the world for its myriad colors and aromas. While its peculiar traditions live on, with vendors ...


When Luxury Brands Counterfeit The Counterfeiters

With designs that imitate fakes, luxury fashion brands try to attract a younger and more connecte...

United States

Hugh Hefner And Brigitte Bardot, Where Nostalgia Meets Burkini Bans

-Analysis- PARIS — It was a final gift from the American patron of beauty and pleasure: The sight of Hugh Hefner’s silk-robed portrait, splashed across the top of the internet as Paris woke up ...


Miracle Vineyard, Small Winery Survives Italy's Massive Earthquake

VISSO — Francesco Sbaffi was recouping after a long day during a busy wine harvest when a powerful earthquake struck this idyllic town in the Apennine Mountains 11 months ago. The grape must ...

South Korea

South Korea, Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Education?

High education levels and salary expectations have created something of a disconnect between Sout...


Cartagena's Urban Fix For The Poor? Remove Them

-OpEd- BOGOTÁ — In August 1894, while traveling to Venezuela, the Colombian poet José Asunción Silva spent time in Cartagena de Indias, the colonial port on Colombia's Caribbean coast. He wrote ...


The Woman Who Stared Boko Haram In The Eye, And Didn't Flinch

GENEVA — She didn't expect the enthusiasm with which she was honored. When she received the 2017 Sergio Vieira de Mello Award, which is named after the former High Commissioner for Human Rights ...


Why I Won't Be Watching The Third Season Of Narcos

-Essay- BOGOTÁ — I always had mixed feelings about the Netflix series Narcos. The first two seasons were based on the life and times of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and the show has just ...


Turkey's Exiled Intellectuals Find Haven In "Little Istanbul" Of Berlin

Writers, artists, journalists and others fleeing oppression in Turkey are settling in the Kreuzbe...


Brazil Shooting Range Uses Lula and Dilma Images As Targets

RECIFE — Caricatures can sometimes cross the line. But world leaders, who are always the center of attention, tend to get used to unflattering satirical portraits. But two former Brazilian ...

United Kingdom

As Brexit Talks Stall, The Hunt Is On For European Passports

Millions of British citizens don't want to give up being European.