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Bad Language Politics In India: Why Modi Wants To Demote English

The BJP wants to turn back to clock by imposing Hindi on south and northeastern India and elimina...


In The Netflix Era, French Television Must Be Reinvented

Young people especially are turning their backs on France's broadcast networks in favor of Americ...

South Africa

Up The Ibis Tree

The fauna and flora of South Africa rank among the most impressive I've seen anywhere in the world. Near Durban in the east of the country, I caught them both on vivid display, as a tree filled ...


Subterranean Earthsick Clues: If Climate Change Forces Us Underground

Global warming may eventually force Homo sapiens to again seek cover from the elements. A global ...


Mare Nostrum: Jews, Palestinians And Our Mediterranean Identity

On a recent trip to Sicily, Israeli novelist A. B. Yehoshua was reminded of the Mediterranean's s...


Syllable Counting And The Secret To The 'Speed' Of Languages

Recent studies from a French laboratory of linguistics reveal surprising aspects of human languag...


In A Beijing Park, The Cold Calculations Of Senior Dating

Loneliness, sex and economics rule among aging singles in the Chinese capital.


CO2, Fall 2019! Fashion Weeks' Steep Environmental Cost

Climate change activists have condemned the outsized environmental impact of the razzle dazzle ev...


Rethinking The Hotel: Open And Fluid Replaces Exclusivity

Hotels are changing their design to reflect the style of modern travelers. A key component now is...


The Comforting Calculation Of Modi Playing The Gandhi Card

The Mahatma's universalism is far from Modi sectarian-nationalist approach. But it's more than ju...

United States

Trump's Diplomatic Recklessness Knows No Bounds

The U.S. president's abrupt decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria was short-lived. But ...


Work → In Progress: Gender In The Workplace, Past And Future

PARIS — In 1919, the International Labor Organization adopted the first conventions on women in the workplace. In 2019, the women who won the World Cup earned $850,000 less than their male ...


Recognizing And Reviving Argentina's Indigenous Languages

Researchers have identified more than 30 different languages in the South American country, 15 of...


Colombia, The Island Mentality Of A Mountainous Nation

Some of the world's most insular places are cut off by land, not water.


India's Short-Sighted Push For Himalayan Tourism

The government recently gave foreigners the go-ahead to visit 137 peaks in four states, paving th...


On The Trail Of Invisible Bears Wreaking Havoc In The Pyrenees

VAL D'ARAN — It wasn't until I'd made may way clear through to other side of the village that I finally crossed paths with another human: A man about my age returning from a walk in the hills ...


Mazzini V. Mussolini: How Italy's Anti-Fascist Exiles Rediscovered America

It was autumn, 1939. Germany had just invaded Poland. France had not yet fallen. Mussolini was Hitler's ally on paper, but had not yet mobilized troops. And the United States wouldn't enter the ...


Global Warming North: A Balmy Research Journey To The Arctic

Warmer temperatures and plastic waste lying about reminded an expedition to Svalbard that no part...


A Turkish Camel's Life

My clearest camel memory from this same trip to Turkey 30 years ago was witnessing the millennia-old tradition of camel wrestling. Just a few miles down the road, near the Ancient Greek site of ...


Is Handwriting Doomed In Our Digital World?

Schools still make a point of teaching students to write the old-fashioned way. And in France, ki...


From Paulo Coelho, A Cautionary Tale Of Terror For Bolsonaro's Brazil

The world-renowned Brazilian novelist was one of thousands jailed and tortured during the militar...


How Instagram Is Reviving Fashion-House History

Amateur fashion aficionados are using new technology to celebrate the pre-internet past, and forc...