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United States

Los Angeles Celebrates Latin American And Latinx Art

The Getty Center launches a festival of Latin American art that also considers its influence on A...


Cartagena's Urban Fix For The Poor? Remove Them

-OpEd- BOGOTÁ — In August 1894, while traveling to Venezuela, the Colombian poet José Asunción Silva spent time in Cartagena de Indias, the colonial port on Colombia's Caribbean coast. He wrote ...


The Woman Who Stared Boko Haram In The Eye, And Didn't Flinch

GENEVA — She didn't expect the enthusiasm with which she was honored. When she received the 2017 Sergio Vieira de Mello Award, which is named after the former High Commissioner for Human Rights ...


Why I Won't Be Watching The Third Season Of Narcos

-Essay- BOGOTÁ — I always had mixed feelings about the Netflix series Narcos. The first two seasons were based on the life and times of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and the show has just ...


Dutch YouTubers Get High In The Name Of Science — And Clicks

An online show called Drugslab gives viewers a first-hand account of what it's like to take a...


Brazil Shooting Range Uses Lula and Dilma Images As Targets

RECIFE — Caricatures can sometimes cross the line. But world leaders, who are always the center of attention, tend to get used to unflattering satirical portraits. But two former Brazilian ...

United Kingdom

As Brexit Talks Stall, The Hunt Is On For European Passports

Millions of British citizens don't want to give up being European.


Egypt's "Christian-Free" Soccer Traditions

The absence of Christian players at the professional level can be traced to discrimination that b...


Fighting Fake News At School

-Analysis- Educators have created well-worn “awareness” strategies to combat everything from teen pregnancy to drug abuse. But this year, some schools are taking on a new spectre hanging over ...


Matchmaking Talented Refugees With Employers in France

An online platform helps refugees find jobs and companies find motivated, skilled employees.


Despacito, That Sexist Yet Irrepressible Soul Of Reggaeton

-Essay- BOGOTA — "Despacito," the title of this summer's hit song by Luis Fonsi, means "slowly" in Spanish. Listening to it is like drinking an unsavory broth. Slowly. It's my own silly ...


Venezuela, Curbing Press Freedom By Blocking Paper Supply

Ultima Hora — Aug. 30, 2017 ACARIGUA — The political crisis in Venezuela is threatening freedom of the press in a new way. The daily newspaper Ultima Hora ("The Last Hour") has printed its ...


Enemies Inside And Out, The Double Threat Facing The West

What connects the violence in Barcelona and Charlottesville? Where have Western democracies gone ...


"She" Is The One: French First Lady Breaks Elle Magazine Record

Elle, Aug. 28, 2017 President Emmanuel Macron's popularity may be plunging right now but his wife, Brigitte, is in hot demand, in part over a controversy surrounding her status as France's ...


A Day In The Life Of Rosemarie, Getting A PhD On Death At Age 93

Morning She wakes early, usually at 6 a.m., and fetches the newspaper. A morning without Sudoku is not a morning worth facing. After she solves the puzzle, she takes her medication, eats two ...


In Beijing, Sham Marriages To Bypass Government Policies

BEIJING — "Goodbye," Ying told her third husband. "Oh," he responded indifferently. Through their legal, but dishonnest, marriage, Ying earned 40,000 yuan ($6,000). Her "husband" was allowed ...


In Lebanon, Syrian Refugees Run Out Of Space To Bury Their Dead

In Lebanon, the country with the highest number of refugees per capita in the world, a cemetery f...


China's Polluted Rivers Yield "Cancer Villages"

In villages along the Huai river, in eastern China, cancer rates are 50% higher than in the rest ...


From Spain To Finland, When #PrayFor Isn't Enough

-Opinion- Two European cities, two terror attacks. In Finland, 18-year-old Moroccan Abderrahman Mechkah is suspected of stabbing two women to death and injuring eight others in the ...

South Korea

Finding Humor In A Harrowing Escape From North Korea

Choi fled to freedom in South Korea, where he has managed to turn his frightening experiences int...


Letter To The Pope: Why You Shouldn't Visit Colombia

-OpEd- BOGOTÁ — Father Jorge, dear Pope Francis, less than a month remains before your visit to Colombia. Before Sept. 6, you still have time to make your excuses and cancel. Believe me, you ...


In Rio's Favelas, Schools Caught In Crossfire

RIO DE JANEIRO — "Stray bullets invading Rio's schools." "Under threat, schools are closing." "Students injured in shooting." These were titles of articles published by Folha de S. Paulo, ...