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Solar Power: Researchers Map Out Colombia's Sunshine Hotspots

Engineers in Antioquia decided to cross-reference data on solar radiation and cloud cover to enco...


Monstrous Times Call For Monstrous Fiction: A French Manifesto

Against the omnipotence of "reality-show novels" and costume fiction, a group of young French aut...


Juiceless And Useless, How Philippe Starck Changed Design

Post-modern design captures our cultural moment's yearning for unique and inspiring objects, ...


Informal Banking Helps Kenyan Women Find Financial Autonomy

These informal banks in Kenya help women acquire financial stability, to help them take control o...


In Medellín, A Scavenger's Dump Turned Community Garden

The main open dump in the Colombian city evolved over decades from an informal home to scavengers...

United States

U.S. Midterms: A First Umbrella After The Trump Tsunami

America's midterm elections saw Democrats recapture the House, but lose ground in the Senate....


Eastern European Models Cash In For China's "Singles Day"

BEIJING — These days, it is not rare to bump into blond, slim, pretty teenage girls on the streets of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The majority of them, typically between 16 and 22 years old, ...


Germany Measures Benefits Of Parental Leave For Fathers

Fathers who took parental leave spend an hour and a half more with their children every day durin...


Modern Politicians And The Christ Factor

The tendency of politicians in Latin America (and beyond) to cite Christ in their speeches may in...


What Your Office Lunch Habits Say About You

Whether you're a bento devotee, daily cafeteria goer or three-martini luncher, you are being ...

United Kingdom

Banksy And The Indestructible Force Of Capitalism

-Essay- PARIS — I shall spare my readers today a highfalutin reflection on the obsolescence of the French Fifth Republic, evolutions in Romanian culture or the worldwide rise of the extreme ...


Aging And LGBT In Argentina: Survivors Of Deeply Homophobic Past

Older LGBT people have lived to see dramatic improvements in how society treats sexual minorities...


Ancient Menstrual Quarantines Still Oppress Women In Nepal

Last year, the Nepalese government outlawed the chhaupadi tradition that bans certain activities ...


India: Where Hindus And Muslims Live Together In Peace

Residents of Sadhan village have a different story to tell


A Rare Chicken Breed Is A Savior For Rural Women In India

DANTEWADA — Three times a day, Bharthi fetches grain and water in clean aluminum buckets to feed her black chickens. She unlocks the grilled doors of the rectangular cage, which at around 20ft ...


Why Women Executives Should Just Be Themselves

Many people think that to get ahead in the business world, women need to emulate men. But there&#...


When Buddhist Monks Meet Quantum Physicists

Scientists and Tibetan Buddhists gathered in Gangtok, India earlier this month for an unlikely me...


The #Metoo Backlash Against Egyptian Women

Four years ago, then president Adly Mansour made sexual harassment a criminal offense. And yet, w...


Pineapple Drying, Solar Economic Development In Kenya

In rural Kenya, the Waata people were displaced by the creation of a national park. But a sustain...


Siberian Photos Help Connect Argentina To Its Asian Ancestry

There's something strangely familiar about the 99 images on display at the Abadía Art ...


In Moscow, Modern Solutions For Working Mothers

Co-working centers with free childcare offer a lifeline to the business women of Moscow.


Brazil's Path To Populism Should Not Surprise Anyone

Jair Bolsonaro's triumph in the first round of the presidential election is worrisome, but a ...