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Bullfights And Carnival, Botero's Bulging Homage To Picasso

Colombia's best known painter, Fernando Botero, was in France to open a joint exhibition of h...


When You're Swiss But Hate The Mountains

Mountains are as integral to Switzerland as beaches are to Tahiti. But that doesn't mean ever...


How NFL "Socialism" Can Help Save European Soccer

Salary caps, financial compensation, and transfer preferential rights for weak teams level the pl...


Elvira Sastre, When A Poet Goes Viral

The 25-year-old Spaniard is a millennial literary star, thanks to her deep culture, her talents a...


Museums For Selfies: A New Kind Of Culture Or Pure Commerce?

Exhibitions in the U.S. are held specifically to allow visitors to take pictures of themselves. E...


How Tiny Andorra Became A Major Hub In Smart Cities Movement

ANDORRA LA VELLA — Perched in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, Andorra — with fewer than 80,000 inhabitants — is as small as it is remote. And yet, the European micro-nation is playing a big ...


In Cashless Sweden, Even Panhandlers Accept Credit Cards

In Stockholm and around the country cash has disappeared from businesses and banks. Everyone, exc...

United States

Less Sex? Too Bad! How Society Must Change Post-Weinstein

Sure, there is a gray continuum from seduction to annoyance to harassment to assault. But if limi...


When A Movie About Rape Gets Past Pakistan's Censors

Cleared by the Central Board of Film Censors on appeal, top Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor'...


Islam, Ottoman, Erdogan: New Core Of Turkey's Education System

Turkish schools are taking steps to cultivate a "pious generation" by rewriting history and placi...


China's School Abuse Scandal Shakes Basic Bonds Of Trust

-Analysis- BEIJING — Two weeks ago, a preschool in Shanghai was exposed for abusing toddlers. One young child was brutally thrown around the floor, while another was forced to eat spicy ...


In Buenos Aires, English Charm Of Latin America's Top Boutique Hotel

Vintage wallpaper and other Old World touches meld into chic Buenos Aires surroundings to push Ho...


1932, That Erotic Year In The Life Of Picasso

An exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Paris explores a key moment in the artist's relationsh...


Islamists Target Christian Converts In German Refugee Centers

Islamists are known to target apostates. For the growing number of Muslim arrivals in Germany, a ...


Why The Vatican Is Now "Off Limits" For Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourist agencies will be severely punished for organizing tour groups to St. Peter's ...


Turkey-And-Egg Question: Which Came First, The Country Or The Bird?

PARIS — The Internet from the East was buzzing with Erdogan, from the West were Thanksgiving recipes ... All this got us Worldcrunch birds to finally ask out loud: Why does a nation of 75 million ...

United States

Bill Clinton To Donald Trump, Sex And Power Still Stand At Top

Despite the growing list of powerful people toppled in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, ...


High In Italy's Alps, Ancient Tradition Of Cannabis Cultivation Revived

Actually dude, cannabis plants grown in the northern region of Piedmont are quite low in THC cont...


In Geneva, The Sharing Economy Tries To Break Into Art World

Can't afford original artwork? Never fear. For a small fee, people in Geneva can borrow a pie...


Au Pair Or Indentured Servant? Globetrotting Babysitters Face Exploitation

Taking care of a stranger’s children in exchange for food and housing is a popular way to s...


Gérard Depardieu, The Impossible Interview

The legendary French actor just published a very personal book. So why is he so hard to talk to?

South Korea

Cooking Is Like Praying, When A Buddhist Nun Becomes A Celebrity Chef

The South Korea nun's culinary philosophy has influenced chefs and foodies around the world.