LONDON- Once upon a time, the English just drank tea. Now, they’ve discovered real caffè all’italiano and Italian coffee giant, Lavazza is planning to invade the UK with 400 coffee shops over the next ten years, reports La Repubblica. Currently there is just one, in Manchester, as well as a counter in Harrods, London. 

[Jorge Barrios]

Four hundred cafés is a lot of java, but according to La Stampa market surveys say that, despite the abundant supply of other coffee houses already in the area, there is still a large unmet demand. Lavazza has verified that there a British desire for an “authentic Italian Coffee Experience." 

[the cardinal de la ville]

Coffee chains have been quite profitable in the UK with Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Caffè Nero and Pret A Manger leading the pack. All of their formulas are similar: lots of hot drinks, fancy interpretations of coffee (from frappuccinos to flavored syrups) with sandwiches and pastries that have been paid great detail. 

Lavazza’s initial five stores are planned to open in Derby, Leeds, Newbury and two locations in London.