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Chief Happiness Officer: On The Sly Hunt For Productivity

Ensuring employees' happiness is picking up as a profession in France, but is it slowly becoming ...


The Age Question For Politicians Plays Out In Latin America

Older politicians seemingly face an image problem in some Latin American countries. But in this c...


Chinese Stores, Made in Italy

Business models are changing, but Chinese presence in Italy's business world remains high.


That Double Menace Of Uberization And Globalization

Disruptive tech firms offer convenience and competitive prices. But they also push ordinary peopl...

United Kingdom

Back To Beans? A Whiff Of Britain's Post-Brexit Food Menu

A messy withdrawal from the EU could cost the U.K. its current trade routes and threaten supplies...


Will China's New Silk Road Lead To Rome?

The center-right populist Italian government has recently bowed to Chinese flattery, announcing it was ready to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will connect Rome and Beijing on a modern ...

United States

How A U.S.-China Trade Deal Could Backfire On The Whole World

As the two superpowers get closer to an agreement, the global trade regime could suffer. History ...


Smart Recipe For A European Industrial Policy Reset

The EU desperately needs a new industrial doctrine — and a healthy dose of R&D spending — ...


A Hard Road For Europe's Truck Drivers, Left Behind By Globalization

HOLZKIRCHEN — Holzkirchen-Süd rest stop at 1 p.m., when many drivers stop for lunch. Lawyer Nadia Kluge very slowly approaches a truck, keeps a little distance, and starts a conversation. She ...


Exclusive: SpaceX Accuses Europe's Ariane Of Unfair Competition

Elon Musk's company has asked Washington to intervene about its top European competitor receiving...


Chinese Pride, Global Power And The Battle For 5G

WASHINGTON — How long must you live, how strong must be your memory, to turn back and say: damn it, this world has really changed. Look at the millennials, they seem to be better educated than ...


The New NAFTA's Real Target? China

The Trump administration had more than America's commercial deficit with Mexico in mind when it d...


Myth Debunked: Machines Create More Jobs Than They Destroy

MUNICH — Do machines replace humans? Since the beginning of industrialization 200 years ago, we earthlings have been plagued by this fear. From the early uprisings of the weavers to the 1970s ...


Italian Researchers Use Drones To Pinpoint Air Polluters

Researchers are sending remote-controlled aircraft into residential neighborhoods to figure out j...


Mumbai's Monorail Debacle, Lessons For Other City Planners

MUMBAI — On December 14, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) abruptly terminated its contract with the Indo-Malaysian consortium L&T-Scomi Engineering Bhd to manage ...


GAFA Go Home: America's Tech Giants Brought Down To Size

The digital behemoths Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have long sold dreamy ideals. In reality...


Brexit Deadlock Spooks Asian Corporate Heavyweights

The growing alarm after UK Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal suffered a defeat in Parliament isn't just unsettling for British politics. Global businesses are on edge as well. Asian ...


How Japan Can Help Soften U.S.-China Showdown

-OpEd- TOKYO — The United States has turned to inward-looking politics, while the unifying force of Europe has waned due to rampant populism and confusion in Britain, Germany and France. ...


Why The Circular Economy Is Still Boxed In

It's high-time for an economic model that curbs waste while boosting productivity. But don't expe...


What China Flexing Tech Muscle Means For India

The digital relationship between the Asian neighbors has rapidly evolved over the past decade, an...


Europe, The Naive Power

Standing alone against the United States and China, Europe must wake up in 2019. And come together.


Staff Picks, Our 15 Best Stories Of 2018

LE MONDE Monstrous Times Call For Monstrous Fiction: A French Manifesto Against the omnipotence of "reality-show novels" and costume fiction, a group of young French authors want to reassert ...