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United States

A Rising Antitrust Movement, And The Inevitable Pushback

Monopolistic companies may be near a tipping point where people (and governments) want them reign...

Sierra Leone

Africa Awakens From Its China Naivety

The letter bearing the reference "MC/19/3" represents a novelty in Chinese-African relations. Kabineh Kallon, Sierra Leone's Minister for Transport and Aviation, explains in sober tones that, ...

United States

Italy To China To D.C., My Global Love-Hate Affair With Amazon

WASHINGTON — I loved Amazon when it first appeared. It was the 1990s, and I was living in Italy and then China, two countries that are strongly monolingual with a scarce number of foreign-language ...


How Europe Can Win The Blockchain Battle

After being left behind in the Internet revolution, places like France, Malta and Switzerland are...


China, Spain, Latin America: A New Growth Axis in Global Trade

Spain, an industralized EU member with close ties to Latin America, could profit from easing the ...


Retro Sports Diplomacy: Adidas And The Iron Curtain

MUNICH — The past snuck up on Adidas last spring when it issued a retro jersey for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia that copied the last Soviet Union national team shirt. It included the USSR ...


Why Mexico's Economy Needs More Than Just A Balanced Budget

Policymakers have, for the most part, learned to avoid fiscal deficits. And yet, growth numbers (...


Informal Banking Helps Kenyan Women Find Financial Autonomy

These informal banks in Kenya help women acquire financial stability, to help them take control o...


How To Exit Our Economic Era Of Slow Growth

Will slow growth rates persist in a global dynamic of "secular stagnation?" Or will the IT revolu...


German Automakers: Dump Diesel Strategy Once And For All

German car makers must change their entire model, and even accept lower short-term profits.


Why Women Executives Should Just Be Themselves

Many people think that to get ahead in the business world, women need to emulate men. But there&#...


Talkin' Italian 10-Year Bond Spread Blues

The state of the health of Italy's economy is of serious global concern. Who do you believe?


How A Soviet-Era Bootlegger Became Russia's Newest Billionaire

Alcohol consumption may be down in Russia, but profits are soaring for Sergei Studennikov, whose ...


Echoes Of The 1930s As Global Currency War Ignites

The U.S./China trade war is also sparking a currency conflict, one that brings to mind the intern...


China's Long-Game Strategy For The Caribbean Sea

The U.S. has long enjoyed hegemony over the 2.7-million sq km Caribbean basin. But whether Washin...


In Moscow, Modern Solutions For Working Mothers

Co-working centers with free childcare offer a lifeline to the business women of Moscow.

United States

The Infuriating, Durable Power Of The American Dollar

As U.S. hegemony fades, the dollar has become the worst currency in the world — expect, of ...


From China To North America, Trump's Unique Brand Of Protectionism

With more sanctions for China and curbs on NAFTA, Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign pledges...


Why "Uberization" Of Our Economy Is Here To Stay

Uber still has plenty of critics in Argentina, but its clearing key legal hurdles is a sign that ...


Female Engineers, The Future Of Africa's Urban Development

As Tanzania seeks to decongest Africa's fastest growing city, more women are stepping up to b...


Love It Or Hate It, Amazon May Be Impossible To Live Without

Amazon is upending the commercial status quo. And yet, as much as people like to complain about i...


Starbucks In Italy, Latest Stop On U.S. Food Imperialism Tour

Taco Bell in Mexico? McDonald's in Hamburg? Americans find the recipe abroad, bastardize it, ...