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Gwadar Port, Where Chinese And Pakistani Ambitions Meet

GWADAR — Landing at Gwadar International Airport is a bit like landing on the moon. The tarmac lies in the middle of a desert, and there's no other aircraft in sight except for a C-130 from the ...


China Unleashed, Europe Paralyzed: A View From Germany

The Asian giant is like a super-charged Formula 1 car racing past a beautiful, but old Fiat 500.


Why Israel Is Letting Its Tech Startups Go

The Silicon Wadi, as Israel's tech sector is known, has a penchant for creating innovative ne...

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Seeking New Labor Protection For All The World's Ship Workers

Fair trade doesn’t always mean fair transport, as international shipping leaves a whole cat...


Synthetic Diamonds Go Ultra Chic, With New Place Vendôme Boutique

PARIS — The address is not by chance. Courbet, a jewelry designer that sells synthetic diamonds, has decided to open at the world's most prestigious location for any jeweler: the Place Vendôme in ...


BDS And Me: Time To Spread Boycott Of Israel Far And Wide

-Essay- CAIRO — As someone who fully supports the Palestinian cause, it is challenging to write an article about boycotting Israel for fear of being dragged into the particulars of the ...


Baguettes In Beijing? Chinese Investors Eating Up French Farm Land

A Chinese company recently bought nearly 1,000 hectares of French farmland. Pourquoi? "To put Fre...

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The Mercantilist: Why Trump Economics Are Stuck In 17th Century

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump often seems as though he’s stuck in the '80s. But maybe the better comparison is to the 1680s, not the Reagan era. Consider his announcement Thursday of new ...


Venezuela Is A Pariah State And Must Be Treated As Such

After last week's sham election, the international community — starting with the nation...

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Why The World Needs To Move On Without Trump

It's time for other countries to push back rather than just sit back and accept the consequen...


More Economic Alarm Bells In Dollar-Hungry Argentina

-Analysis- BUENOS AIRES — As then President Juan Domingo Perón made clear in a 1951 speech, concerns in Argentina over the price of the U.S. dollar are nothing new. "I ask you this," he said. ...


How 3D Printing Is Helping Fine-Tune German Industry

Companies like Munich's EOS are breaking new ground in the manufacturing world. And rather th...


The Future Of Work: How AI Will Hit The Developing World

Robotization, AI and other technological advances will change the nature of work in the coming de...


Europe Needs Common Front Against Trump's Bullying On Trade

-OpEd- MUNICH — Donald Trump may have extended the grace period by one month, but make no mistake about it, he's still holding a gun to Europe's head in the tariffs dispute. The EU shouldn't ...


Will Croatia's Quest For Energy Independence Cost It Krk?

A popular tourist destination in the Adriatic sea is bracing for the construction of a floating, ...


Tax Harmonization, The One True Way To Combat Fiscal Havens

-OpEd- PARIS — Public opinion was outraged, and rightly so, by revelations from the so-called Paradise Papers investigation and the publication, before that, of the Panama Papers. But no one ...


Ortega As Maduro? Nicaraguan Unrest Mirrors Venezuela

Protests in Nicaragua against a proposed tax hike to finance the social security system have reve...

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Economic History Lesson: Trump's Protectionism Will Not Pay

The U.S. trade deficits that have prompted the Trump administration to raise tariffs have a resul...


Tea Or Coffee? China Produces (and Drinks) Both

China has quietly become a major coffee producer — mostly for export. But its people are de...


Trade Wars II: Now Trump Is Attacking Germany Where It Hurts

BERLIN — Donald Trump's protectionist push is prompting a trade war with the entire world — Germany included, as his announcement last month about steel and aluminum tariffs made abundantly ...

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Uber Will You Have Me? A Personal History

How our foreign-born author became an app in America's capital city.

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Got AI? Connected Cows, Artificial Intelligence, Your Milk

"Cow Fitbits" and artificial intelligence are coming to the dairy farm, but some farmers aren'...