My Grand-Pere’s World

For more than half a century, my grandfather has spent every spare moment exploring the world, and photographing his journey. 80 countries. 20,000 high-quality, old-fashioned slides. Now each day, thanks to our digital world (and with a little help from his grandson!) he can share those places and faces and memories of a life well-traveled.

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Flying (And Landing) High In La Paz

Bolivia 2019-02-20 12:19:55

La Paz's airport delivers on its name: El Alto is indeed the highest international airport in the world. Luckily neither my wife Claudine (pictured here in the foreground) nor I suffered from altitude sickness during our often elevated travels through Bolivia and neighboring Peru.

A Happier Kind Of Philosophy

Sri Lanka 2019-02-07 15:54:40

I'm not a religious person. As a philosophy teacher, my go-to thinker was Spinoza, who once wrote that religion was created "to deceive the people and to constrain the minds of men" But I guess that if I had to pick one faith, the smiles of Buddhism I discovered throughout my Asian travels would be a nice change from the austere Protestantism of my native eastern France.

The French Venice

France 2019-02-01 18:07:27

Port Grimaud, near Saint-Tropez in southern France, has it all. Canals, bridges, islets ... It's just missing a couple of gondolas.

Ninja Fruit On Brazilian Roadside

Brazil 2019-01-17 15:58:49

Fruit vendors were a common sight when we drove through Brazil's Minas Gerais state. My wife Claudine didn't have to wait long: It took this woman no longer than three minutes to expertly slice this fresh pineapple.

Miles And Miles Across Canada

Canada 2019-01-11 18:35:56

In the westernmost point of British Columbia, we found the "Mile 0" marker of the Trans-Canada Highway. Though we covered a lot of Canadian ground, we never made it the 4,860 miles across to the "Mile 1" marker in St. John's, Newfoundland Labrador. I'm not sure whether it makes more sense to call the starting point Mile 0 or Mile 1, but it's worth noting that the Trans-Canada Highway has been posted in kilometers since 1977, when all Canadian roads switched to metric. So for the record, it's 7,821 kilometers from Mile 0 to Mile 1...

Sarajevo, Same Pigeons

Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019-01-03 16:23:59

Sarajevo's Baščaršija square is known as "Pigeon square." There are moments when the birds are everywhere. In this shot, you may have to look a bit harder to spot them.

What Lies Beyond The Indonesian Gate

Indonesia 2018-12-20 15:39:57

Cross this gate and you'll step into the land of the Toraja, in Indonesia's South Sulawesi region. Keep your eyes peeled: from traditional Batak houses to spooky funeral rites and even a buffalo sacrifice — in the home to the Toraja ethnic group, I hardly had time to breathe between two shots!

Italy, Pasta Così

Italy 2018-12-14 17:29:16

The Italian border is just a four-hour drive from my hometown. Over the years, I ended up going to Italy with my family dozens of times, to enjoy the seaside, the beautiful architecture, the warm climate, the history — and yes, la pasta.

Something Fishy On The Brazilian Market

Brazil 2018-12-04 18:08:30

Belém's Ver-o-Peso market, in the background of this photograph, is one of the largest open-air markets in Latin America. But when I came across this 26-year-old slide, it was the smell not the size that I remember most clearly.

Swimming Only Under Child Supervision

Turkey 2018-11-22 16:40:46

Our travels didn't exactly involve many days at the beach. But as we drove in the Turkish heat, we paused here and there so our 13 year-old little mermaid Cécile could splash around. Times like these, my wife Claudine and I regretted never having taken swimming lessons when we were kids.