Hürriyet, June 29

"We Curse You," read Wednesday morning's front-page headline of Turkish daily Hürriyet, after a terrorist attack at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport killed dozens.

The latest toll stood at 36 people killed and 147 wounded after the Tuesday night attack, reportedly carried out by three suicide bombers. Hürriyet reports that one of the terrorists blew himself up outside the international arrivals terminal, while the other two attackers took advantage of the ensuing chaos to open up fire inside the terminal, before blowing themselves up as well.

Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said that they knew which terrorist organization was responsible of the attack based on the early signs, but that they still needed to confirm. Turkish media was reporting that authorities believe the Islamic terror group ISIS carried out the assault. It is the latest in a series of terrorist attacks in Turkey, some of which have been perpetrated by ISIS, and others by the Kurdish PKK organization.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attackers. “I hope that this attack will be a turning point, a milestone for the joint fight against terrorist organizations, especially in Western countries and all over the world,” he said.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport, one of the busiest in the world, was closed immediately after the attacks for several hours, and flights were diverted to other cities. The customs control reopened Wednesday morning, and the airport is back in business ever since.

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