The Next Pope


Refugees, The Moral Failure Of Poland's Leaders

The recent visit by Pope Francis highlighted how little Polish leaders care about the emergency of Europe's refugee crisis.


Pope Francis v. President Macri: A Simmering Argentine Beef

United States

Pope Francis, A Shrewd Political Leader Comes To Washington

Depending on his audience, the pontiff's messages vary. On a historic visit to the U.S., President Obama and the whole world will be listening carefully.


Poland's Church Struggles To Follow Pope Francis' Message Of Humility -- And Poverty

Some members of the hierarchy of the Polish Catholic Church seem to have troubled practicing what the new pontiff preaches.


The "Francisco Effect" In Argentina - Record Number Of Tourists For Holy Week

BUENOS AIRES – Expectations for Argentina’s Holy Week were already pretty high after the election of the ...


Blessed Be Your Commute: City Of Rome Issues Pope Francis Metro Ticket

You can ride Rome's public bus and subway system by validating your biglietto of His Holiness from his balcony pose.

Vatican City

Pope Francis' First Guide To Catholicism? Grandma Rosa

Francis cited his Italian grandmother in his Palm Sunday homily. It's hardly the first time he has referred to Nonna Rosa's guiding wisdom, and one more sign of the Pope's humble ways.


Buenos Aires Plans 'Bergoglio Tour' - Holy Sites, Soccer Pitches Of Pope's Past

BUENOS AIRES - The hunger to learn more about the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now and forever known as Pope Francis, is gripping the Argentinian capital. Just back from......

Vatican City

Look Closely, Pope Francis' Reform Of The Catholic Church Has Already Begun

Leading by example can be more powerful than any doctrinal diktat.


That Day Pope Francis Knew He Would Be A Priest

Officially incoronated Tuesday as the 266th Roman pontiff with a mass in St. Peter's Square, the path for Jorge Mario Bergoglio began one September day nearly six decades ago.


Will Francis Go To Moscow? Russian Orthodox Size Up New Pope

MOSCOW - Catholics aren't the only ones who have noted the significance of Pope Francis' ...


The Lowest Among Us: A New Pope, An Age-Old Christian Message

Pope Francis will preach humility and fraternity in the spirit of his namesake St. Francis of Assisi. Can he make it relevant in the 21st century?

Vatican City

A Hidden Papabile In Plain View: Why Pope Francis Is Just What The Church Needs

-Analysis- VATICAN CITY - As it turned out, there was a hidden candidate right there in front of us. This explains the rapidity of the concla......


Who Is Pope Francis? Snapshot Profile Of Argentina's Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The native of Buenos Aires, who rose to be its Archbishop, prefers the subway to limousines -- 'villas miserias' to ecclesiastical sophistication. The name he took evokes a closeness with those who suffer most.