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Privacy Violated, When Your Life Is Exposed And You’re The Last To Know

Family pictures, porn, German armed forces' internal data – openly accessible on the internet. One mistake is enough and your privacy is destroyed.


How To Talk About Your Eyebrow-Raising Job At A Cocktail Party


Reaching Immortality, But Would We Even Want That?

The promise of eternal life gets a boost from the latest technologies, but there are troubling questions that go beyond science.


Welcome To The Trumpocene

A guiding principle of modern democracy holds that a system of checks and balances helps prevent any single person or faction from making radical changes to the existing order. That the wheels of l...


Students Need New Mentality, Skill Set To Enter Job Market

How the future of education, and work, look to an Argentine university rector.


In China, Local Governments Crack Down On Sharing Economy

Mirroring some of the battles Uber has faced in cities around the world, local car-hailing apps in China like Didi Chuxing are getting heat from municipal administrations trying to protect the stat...


The Open-Source Group Trying To "De-Google" The Internet

PARIS — How can we surf the web without using Google, Amazon or Facebook? French group Framasoft, which promotes the use of open-source software, offers a way. Under t...


Speed And Anonymity On The Internet Is Killing Truth

The great paradox of our time is that we've never had access to so much information, and yet have never been so badly informed.


In Sweden, A More Hands-On Approach To Premature Births

Swedish hospitals are a model for a more natural, less clinical approach to caring for newborn and premature babies.


In Increasingly Virtual World, Reality Becomes A Luxury

-Essay- PARIS — Will reality become a rare commodity? The digital revolution has given humans the greatest power — that of creating and


Chile Creates Latin America's Largest Marine Park

In August, Chile broadened the protected sea zones under its watch to create a marine park that covers an area of 300,000 square kilometers, the largest such


At Former Soviet Nuclear Test Site, “Best Not To Take Souvenirs”

Hundreds of atomic bombs were detonated at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site in eastern Kazakhstan during the Soviet regime. Scientists are now conducting research on the site, which was shuttere...


Bitcoin Bandit, When Gaming Goes “Paid-To-Play”

Swiss developers turn the business model of online gaming on its head.


Just About Everything In Your House Can Be Hacked

Israeli researchers recently showed how data can be stolen from an offline computer. But computers aren't the only devices that can be compromised.


Epigenetics: Are Darwin' Theories About To Evolve?

MUNICH — The field of epigenetics is being lauded for its discoveries, which some describe as revolutionary. There's talk of a wide range of scientific textbook...


Can Chinese Solar Panels Keep The Lights On In Ghana?

ACCRA — It's a hot and humid night in this capital city and a long line waits at the entrance of Papaye, Ghana's top fast-food chain and a symbol of the countr...


Telegram App Delivers The Secrecy Jihadists Covet

Police officers probing the attack on a priest in the quiet northern French town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray were led to an unusual location in their investigation: ...


Living In Space, Russia Probes 55 Years After Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was the first to prove that humans can survive in outer space. For 55 years since, humanity has been striving to adapt to life in space, but the questions of e......


Digital Fort Knox: Inside The World's Most Secretive Data Center

You won't find gold or weapons stored deep in the granite caves of Switzerland's Bernese Alps. Instead, the mountain range holds more precious treasure — servers and hard drives.


The Sly History Of Robots, Pre-Frankenstein To Post-Tesla

Robots have always fascinated us. In fiction or in real life, they crossed our path, for better or for worse. But where do they really come from?


What Happens When Pokémon Go Sneaks Into Egypt

Pokemon Go isn't even available in Egypt. That hasn't stopped young hunters from tracking down the creatures.


When Progress Kills Jobs, Facing The AI Employment Trap

Technology is bringing us closer to Artificial Intelligence, which will undeniably wreak havoc with employment for millions worldwide. Smart solutions are needed now.