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Spotlight: Crises Of Democracy, Pick Your Poison

We can be judged by our own strength, but also by the relative strength of our adversaries. Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. election was also the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and all of what she r...


François Hollande, The President That Never Was


European Democracies And The Referendum Trap

-Analysis- PARIS — Long live the people! For a few months now, referendums have been blooming all over Europe. In Britain, to decide whether or not to leave the European Union. In Hungary, to ba...

United States

Populism Is Bad Economics, Lessons For Donald Trump From Latin America

-Analysis- Populists sometimes have good ideas. Taking advantage of historically low interest rates to launch a stimulus plan, for example, is a good idea. Standing up to China, which is massive...


Only Angela Merkel Can Stop The Liberal West From Imploding

-OpEd- BERLIN — It’s been said that house guests are like dead fish: After three days they start to smell. When it comes to government officials, it usually takes a little longer. Americans make...


Populism And Posturing, The Real Risk Of Trump Goes Beyond Nationalism

Trump, Orbán, Le Pen: today's nationalists share certain things, like an antipathy for supranational institutions. But Trump's real danger is something completely different.


How Mexican Novelist Carlos Fuentes Predicted Trump — And A Different Kind Of Wall

Carlos Fuentes, the Mexican novelist who died in 2012, wrote more than a decade ago of a U.S. president who, through punitive measures, would almost shut Mexico down and accidentally revive the art...

United States

Trump Victory: We'll Never Talk About Globalization The Same Way Again

-OpEd- They said he could never win. At best, Donald Trump was seen as a voice for a growing number of desperate Americans. Trump was a symptom of the


Turkey: Why Europe Must Stand Up To Erdogan' Power Grabs

As Turkish President Erdogan pushes his country towards despotism, European Union leaders — especially in Germany — must take a harder line.


How The U.S. Is Unintentionally Helping Syria’s Assad

The United States intervened militarily in Syria under the premise of the "war on terror" and the fight against ISIS, but their presence is actually helping the Syrian government.


Why UN Security Council Failing Aleppo Surprises No One

-OpEd- NEW YORK — I'm almost certain I saw Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the Strand bookstore in Manhattan today. I wanted to walk over and call h...


A Straight Black Line From East German Stasi To Egypt Of Today

-Essay- CAIRO — I better understood the tendency of the Egyptian state and security agencies to protect themselves after a few hours at the


Venezuela: Maduro Fails Democracy Test, But Is He A Dictator?

Massive protests Wednesday target recent actions by Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro for banning a referendum and evading parliament. Does he compare to Latin American strongmen of the past?


Turkey, Beware Of Erdogan's Blind Faith In Majority Rule

-OpEd- ISTANBUL — The 2010 referendum to change Turkey's constitution to give more power to the presidency prevailed in part because of the "


Colombia: The Real Reasons Uribe Sabotaged FARC Deal

-OpEd- BOGOTÁ — The Democratic Center, a right-wing political party led by Colombia's former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez, was veheme...


Philippines, Underestimate Rodrigo Duterte At Your Peril

The controversial new Filippino president, who arrives in China today, has mostly garnered attention for his brutal crackdown on drug dealers. But his ambitions go far beyond.


Manichaean Democracy, What's Wrong With Referendums

Momentous national referendums in Colombia and Britain have shown how dangerous it can be to put complicated decisions in the hands of a fickle populous.


Greek Conspiracy Theories, Turkish Truths And Lies

ISTANBUL — There is an Italian saying: "Una faccia, una razza." It means "One face, one race," and is ...


Argentine Pope Meets Argentine President, Awkward Again?

After a chilly first encounter, President Mauricio Macri and Pope Francis, both from Argentina but from different ends of the ideological spectrum, are set to meet again.


The Day That Changed Polish Women Forever

The massive march in Warsaw and other protests against Poland's proposed strict new anti-abortion law is a revolutionary moment in what it means to be a Polish woman.


Will A FARC Political Party Turn Colombia Into Another Venezuela?

-OpEd- BOGOTÁ — On Sunday, Colombians will decide whether to ratify


Globalization And Wealth Inequality, The German Counter-Case

There are various reasons the wage and wealth gap is growing, but in Europe's strongest economy it makes no sense to blame the global marketplace.