Migrant Lives


Across Mexican Border, Deportees Feel Trump’s Heat

TIJUANA — Martin Pina stands in the courtyard of the "Casa del Migrante," which was founded 29 years ago by Catholic Scalabrinian missionaries to help migrants in this teeming Mexican border city. ...


Calais To Paris, The Grim Mobility Of Migrant "Jungles"


How Syrian Refugees In A Small Russian City Made It To School

NOGINSK — Knowledge Day falls on Sept. 1 and marks the traditional start of the school year in Russia. But for the children of Syrian refugees who li...


In Sweden, Anti-Immigration Politician Profits From Refugee Centers

SKARA — As Bert Karlsson enters the refugee center's cafeteria, dark-haired boy greets him with a “Hey!” The four-story building called Stora Ekeberg is just one of many ref...


With Refugee Influx, Germany Struggles To Outlaw Child Marriage

Germany suddenly faces hundreds of young girls who have disappeared from schools because their parents have found husbands for them. Lawmakers appear powerless to face the new phenomenon of child b...


In Egypt, Between Hungry Fishermen And Human Smugglers

Libya is where refugees now gather to attempt the perilous crossing to Europe. But Egypt is often the source of both crafts and crews. Only economic solutions can stop human smuggling.


Glimpse Of A Gifted Refugee's Life In A German High School

INGOLSTADT — Math is the first class of the day. Only two students, who are clearly aces at math, are raising their hands to answer the teacher's questions. Almost everyone else...


Gambia, Where Refugees Are A Cruel Dictator's Business Opportunity

This African country produces more refugees per capita than any other. But there is method to the madness: Gambia's dictator systematically banishes people and refuses to accept repatriation agreem...


Immigration In Germany, The Muslim Integration Gap

Too many Muslims keep to themselves, speak poor German and pass on their problems to the next generation. They harm themselves and therefore the rest of society.


In Italy, Training War Refugees To Preserve Antiquities

TURIN — Refugees have come to Italy from all across war-torn Iraq and Syria, from the monasteries of Mosul to the Assyrian villages of the Khabur valley and the Christ...


Trafficking Dreams And Death, The Migrant Smugglers Of Libya

SABRATHA — It's just past 10 p.m., and Omar, Mohammed and Isa are driving on the Mediterranean coast highway that links the Libyan capital of Tripoli with the Tuni...


Scared And Jobless, Afghan Youth Turn To Human Smugglers

JALALABAD — It's early morning in Jalalabad, eastern


If History Is A Guide, Today's Refugees Are In Trouble

Many refugee families after World War II took generations to get on their feet. A new German study finds today's influx of refugees face the same risk, and new ones too.


Migrant Purgatory, Trapped In A Libyan Detention Center

GASR GARABULLI — Migrant #322 slowly lifts his head and opens his eyes. The long shadow of the sun, punctuated by the jail's metal bars, bathes the cement walls as the...


Baghdad To Lapland: Cold Migrant Truths Along Northern Route

SALLA — On the door of the tourism bureau in Salla, Finland, there's a poster proudly informing visitors that they are “


Refugee Lives At Risk Along The Balkan Route To Europe

On foot in the cold or crammed into run-down train cars, migrants face a long journey of long waits, endless security checks, and uncertain prospects. Up close along the Serbo-Macedonian Border.


Billions In EU Aid To Turkey Hasn't Stopped Wave Of Refugees

Turkey is supposed to guard our borders against more refugees and receive financial aid for its services. But refugees fleeing to Europe across the Mediterranean keep coming.


A Syrian Refugee Family Struggles To Start Anew In Austria

Six month later, a reporter is reconnected to a family who'd fled war in Deir ez-Zor, Syria. They wound up in a small village, where they are building a new life. Integration is not easy.


Algerian Limbo: Black, Undocumented, Dreaming Of Europe

The North African country is increasingly a destination for sub-Saharian Africans looking to move on to Europe, even if many get stuck in Algeria with few rights or hopes for work.


German Police Warn Of Terrorist Infiltration Among Refugees

Border police and other German law enforcement unions say a black market of passports and insufficent border controls are creating a major security risk amidst the surge of Syrian refugees.


Why The U.S. Should Emulate Canada On Syrian Refugees

-Editorial- When the photo appeared Sept. 2 of Alan Kurdi,


Pakistan To Australia, Along The Hazara Refugee Trail

QUETTA/JAKARTA/MELBOURNE — Five-year-old Mohammad Raza is holding a photograph of his uncle Sadiq Ali. He believes his uncle is in