Mandela, Adieu

South Africa

How Nelson Mandela Brought The 20th Century To A Close

The last of the past century's 'counter-history' leaders, Mandela represented the ultimate triumph over the destructive powers of the notion of racial superiority.


Mandela's Final Peace? Castro-Obama Handshake Sparks New Hope


For Colombia, Mandela's Hard Lessons Of Peace And Reconciliation

What does Mandela's example mean for Colombia as it seeks to end decades of bloody conflict with leftist guerrillas?

South Africa

Mandela And Pope John Paul II - Two Farewells For The Ages

Two farewells for a pair of towering figures in world history: the 2005 funeral of Pope John Paul II and Tuesday’s mass public ceremony to mark the

South Africa

Mandela Family Battle Brewing Over Name, Inheritance

JOHANNESBURG — "As long as he's alive, his family members still refrain, but you’ll see when he passes away ...” Earlier th...


Italian Newspapers Call Mandela "The Father Of Apartheid"

When Nelson Mandela’s death was announced Thursday night, in the rush to publish something about him several Italian newspapers made the unfortunate mistake of describing him as...

South Africa

Mandela's Death: World Tour Of What People Are Saying

Around the world, famous and regular folk alike are mourning

South Africa

Hit It! - A Musical Tribute To Nelson Mandela

  Here are some musical tributes to Nelson Mandela, whose lifetime work for peace and equality inspired artists around the world and across musical g...