Hurriyet ("Liberty") is a leading Turkish newspaper founded by Sedat Simavi in May 1948. Based in Istanbul, the newspaper is printed in six cities in Turkey but also in Frankfurt, Germany. Owned by Aydin Dogan, some 600,000 copies of Hurriyet are distributed everyday.


Greek Conspiracy Theories, Turkish Truths And Lies

A Greek Conspiracy Theory There is an Italian saying: "Una faccia, una razza." It means "One face, one race" and it is used for the similarities between Italians and Greeks. When it comes......


Turkey's Failed Coup And The Rise Of A "Lynching Culture"


Turkey, A Failed Coup And Faith In Democracy

-OpEd- ISTANBUL — Years ago I told myself: “If there is another coup in this country, I will quit this profession…” Last night reminded......


The Many Double Meanings Of The Turkey-Syria Border

[Note: This article was originally published on July 13, before the failed coup attempt] -Analysis- ISTANBUL — This newspaper (Turkish d......


How The Istanbul Airport Attack Unfolded

Exclusive details on how three terrorists launched their bloody attack that killed more than 40 people — and how two police officers helped avert an even higher death toll.


Turkish Daily Warns Of "Unprecedented Crisis" With Russia

Hürriyet, Nov. 25, 2015......


How AKP Won In Turkey: A Broken Opposition, A Quieter Erdogan

-Analysis- ISTANBUL — Why did those who gave 60% of the vote to opposition parties in the ...