Founded in 1921, the "Sao Paulo Gazzette" became Brazil's leading daily in the 1980s by applying standards of openness and objectivity to its coverage of the country and Latin America as a whole.


The Rise Of Trump And The Fall Of Representative Democracy

-Analysis- I want to avoid all possible misunderstandings so I'll go straight to the point: I believe Donald Trump's victory was the effect of an irreversible crisis, or at least......


"Canine Gangs" Threaten Brazilian Indigenous Tribes


Year Of Mud, The Heavy Toll Of Brazil's Worst Ever Ecological Disaster

Lives destroyed, entire towns damaged, widespread health problems. There is no end in sight to the toll on a region in Brazil decimated by a toxic dam break last November.


YouTuber With Down Syndrome Challenges Stereotypes In Brazil

-OpEd- The revolution that people with Down syndrome have started in Brazil continues to unveil a world full of opportunities and surprises. Little by little, the mantra "it's normal......


Beyond Bad Food, Malnutrition Plagues Brazilian Hospitals

SÃO PAULO — She was in her white gown on her hospital bed, but that didn't stop Jéssica Almeida, 17, from eating a hamburger. In total, she stayed a month in the hospital an......


This Brazilian Girl Read 560 Books And She's Not Even 12

Kaciane do Nascimento's love of reading led to her open a library in the backyard of her house, in a low-income housing development in São Paulo state. Now she's working on a book of her own.


New Brazil Study Finds Shocking Racial Discrepancy In Zika Cases

A new Brazilian report shows that far more babies born with microcephaly and other conditions linked to the Zika virus are black or mixed race. There are troubling explanations for this fact, including access to (illegal) abortion.


Michel Temer, Brazil's New "Black-Box" President

Little is known of what Dilma's successor actually plans to do to lift Brazil out of its crisis. Temer, whose career has been defined by discretion, must now show his hand.