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Five Years Later, Still Trying To Count Fukushima Deaths

The earthquake and subequent nuclear diaster in Fukushima were no doubt devastating, but Japan still struggles to quantify the number of deaths linked to them.


Marine Life Flourishes In Underwater Fukushima Debris


Cats Purr Past Dogs To Become Japan's Favorite Pet

TOKYO — Cats are all the rage in Japan these days. Bookstores are lined with dozens of photo books featuring cute little felines, and they're popular online too. They als......


Emergency-Stair Climbing, Japan's Improbable Fitness Craze

TOKYO — A growing number of Japanese are climbing the emergency staircases of high-rise buildings and towers recreationally, both for the views they can enjoy from the lofty......


Ever Beauty-Conscious, Japanese Women Embrace Sports Makeup

TOKYO — At September's annual RunGirl Night, one 35-year-old exercise enthusiast prepared for the evening group run by applying lipstick, found......


The Landmark Tokyo Station Hotel Marks Its Centennial

One of Tokyo's cultural treasures celebrates 100 years of hosting renowned writers and other celebrity guests.


What Arab Teachers Learn From Japanese Education System

TOKYO — Earlier this year, a delegation from the Egyptian government was visiting Nibukata Primary School in Tokyo. "The children are well-disciplined and work in teams," a m......


In Cozying Up To China, South Korea Could Threaten U.S. Alliance

-Editorial- TOKYO — Both to deter North Korea's military provocations and to ensure regional stability in Asia, it's vital that the United States a......