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Why Women Harassed In Egypt Aren't Locking Up Perpetrators

When one woman was sexually harassed this month in Cairo, she made an unusual move: she came to an informal agreement with her attacker’s family and juvenile prosecution to drop charges on co......


How A Trump Presidency Looks In The Middle East


Global Up-Cycling Design Trend Finds Itself At Home In Cario

Global up-cycling design trend finds itself at home in Cairo ...


Typeface Designers "Reinvent The Wheel" To Create Arabic Fonts

There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. There are four possible written forms for each letter, depending on whether it stands alone, or occurs at the beginning, middle or end of a word. Then t......


A Straight Black Line From East German Stasi To Egypt Of Today

I better understood the tendency of the Egyptian state and security agencies to protect themselves after a few hours at the Stasi Museum in Berlin. It was there in the grim, soviet-style......


Egypt Hotels Shut Door On Single Female Travelers

CAIRO — Two months ago I set out to reserve a hotel room in the Egyptian city of Minya for a work trip. A quick and easy task, I thought. I called more than 10 hotels but the......