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Trump, Just The President Assad Has Been Waiting For

The new U.S. president wants his Syrian counterpart to stay. Journalist Annia Ciezadlo explains what that’s going to mean for the nearly half of Syrian civilians who are stranded by war....


Two Syrian Brothers Split By War Report From Both Sides Of Border


In Damascus, War And Shame Conquer Love

Last month, I was in a bar with a friend, and I met a nice guy who, a long time ago, I knew only by name. We exchanged numbers, and after a couple of random meetings I could sense his interest in m......


In Syrian War, Numbers Can Be Numbing But We Desperately Need Them

Mohamad Katoub, a former doctor who escaped from eastern Ghouta, always felt that Syria’s daily toll of deaths and casualties are more than just numbers – until he saw the power those statistics had. Here, he explains why he changed his mind.


Why UN Security Council Failing Aleppo Surprises No One

NEW YORK – I'm almost certain I saw Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the Strand bookstore in Manhattan today. I saw a well-dressed man looking through “The Art of Fielding&rdqu......


A 16-Year-Old's Escape From Syria, In A Wheelchair

Nujeen Mustafa didn't realize fleeing from Syria to Europe in a wheelchair would be considered extraordinary. Now in Germany, she has written a book about her journey.


The Method Behind Assad' Mad Propaganda

The Syrian government's recent tourism videos of beautiful scenery and nightlife look ludicrous to Westerners who know the brutal truth about Aleppo, but the West isn't the intended audience for this publicity blitz.


I'd Rather Live Under Siege In Aleppo Than Leave Her Behind

His beloved hometown grows more dangerous every day, but he can't kiss her goodbye.