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How Underwater Cables Power The Internet Across The Atlantic

Nearly all of the data sent between continents goes through fiber optic cables that reside at the bottom of the ocean. It's a delicate and costly, but essential, network for our daily lives and work.


Cyber Security — Is The Internet A Sitting Duck?


Privacy Violated, When Your Life Is Exposed And You’re The Last To Know

Family pictures, porn, German armed forces' internal data – openly accessible on the internet. One mistake is enough and your privacy is destroyed.


Cure For Crying Babies? Medical Help For Sleepless Parents In Munich

Babies cry, that’s normal. But what if your baby does not stop crying and drives you up the wall? For more than 25 years, a Munich-based medical department has helped parents cope with crying babies.


How To Talk About Your Eyebrow-Raising Job At A Cocktail Party

Employees in controversial industries from animal testing and tobacco to arms manufacturing and alcohol explain what they say when people ask them what they do for a living.


Populism And Posturing, The Real Risk Of Trump Goes Beyond Nationalism

Trump, Orbán, Le Pen: today's nationalists share certain things, like an antipathy for supranational institutions. But Trump's real danger is something completely different.


German Fears Of New "Axis Of Evil" — Trump, Putin, Erdogan

Not much is known for sure of Trump's foreign policy agenda, which is why Angela Merkel does not stop at the perfunctory congratulations to Donald Trump.


No Time For Grief

MUNICH – 29.10.2016 How will we deal with grief in future? Back in the day the clocks were stopped when someone had died as a mark of respect. But nowadays? The......