Based in Geneva, Le Temps ("The Times") is one of Switzerland's top French-language dailies. It was founded in 1998 as a merger among various newspapers: Journal de Geneve, Gazette de Lausanne and Le Nouveau Quotidien.


What Science Says About Animals That Love Human Cuddles

When we pet an iguana, we are taking advantage of a communication channel that already exists between iguanas. Evolution can work across species too.


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The Menstruation Taboo, Time To Talk About Periods

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With the American billionaire heading to the White House, the European establishment is quaking in its boots.


Is Russia's New Cultural Center In Paris Used For Spying?

Since the inauguration of the Orthodox cathedral and the Russian cultural center in the French capital on Oct. 19, questions about the use of the site for more sinister purposes have been raised.


A Cool New Recipe For World's Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant

The heir to the Hiltl dynasty of vegetarian restaurateurs decided veggie eateries need not be sober, puritanical settings, like the one his great-grandfather founded in 1898. Vodka, for example, is vegan.


Can A Bottled Spray Ensure That Your Lover Stays Faithful?

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