This leading French daily newspaper Le Monde ("The World") was founded in December 1944 in the aftermath of World War II. Today, it is distributed in 120 countries. In late 2010, a trio formed by Pierre Berge, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse took a controlling 64.5% stake in the newspaper.


Defeating ISIS Does Not Mean Peace For Syria And Iraq

-Analysis- The "caliphate" of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will not last. His self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS), announced two years ago, is on the defensive. It will vanish as quickl......


Qwant It! French Search Engine Takes On Google By Protecting Your Privacy


Grapes Of War: Sneaking Fine Wine Across The Syrian Border

BEKAA — It's a typical wine tasting at the Château Marsyas in the beautiful Bekaa region of Lebanon. We are trying a French Cabernet after tasting a Merlot an......


What Brexit Means For Those Polish Immigrants In The UK

A decade ago, the "Polish plumber" became the symbol of British fears of immigrants coming in poorer Europe Union countries. After the UK's referendum to pull out of the EU, uncertainty reigns for all.


Ashley Madison "Fembots" Star In Swiss Exhibition

An artist duo from Zurich is using sex-talk avatars to pose some burning questions about the future of human-computer relationships.


The Terrorist Attack Kenya Doesn't Want You To Know About

An estimated 150 Kenyan soldiers were killed five months ago in an al-Shabab ambush in Somalia, a tragedy made all the more troubling by the fact that authorities in Nairobi are mysteriously mum about it.


From Japan, Unpacking Miyake' Pleated Revolution

Hiroshima-born designer Issey Miyake has spent his career creating garments that challenge sizing conventions and are both practical and beautiful. A French reporter ponders his influence.


Marwan Barghouti, A Palestinian Mandela Or Israel's Worst Nightmare?

Imprisoned in Israel since 2002, Marwan Barghouti may be the only figure who could unite all Palestinians. Israel must decide if it's more risky to release him or keep him in jail. Barghouti offers a rare written exchange with Le Monde.