François Hollande, The President That Never Was

French President Hollande, who announced he will not seek reelection, led a series of mishaps and failures, down to the indignity of his last public speech.


After 40 Years, The Chief Curator At Versailles Bids Adieu


Putin’s Way, How Russia Is Imposing Its Mandate In Syria

ALEPPO — In his smoke-filled office in western Aleppo, Tarif Attoura discovers the draft agreement to let the rebels leave the eastern part of the city, under siege for three months. "It was......


Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS Invasion Return Home

After two years of occupation by terror group ISIS, the largest Christian city in Iraq, Qaraqosh, was recently freed by government forces.


Trump Victory: We'll Never Talk About Globalization The Same Way Again

-Analysis- They said he could never win. Donald Trump, at best, was seen as a voice for the desperation of a growing number of Americans. Donald Trump was the symptom of a political and c......


With IFTTT, Your Whole Life Can Be Programmed Like A Computer

Eudes, a web project manager, can check his colleague developers' progress on a website redesign without using his hands. His smartphone can switch automatically from 3G to Wi-Fi as soon as he......


Trump Or Clinton? Arab-Americans' Surprising Ambivalence

The navy blue Porsche, casual dress and sparkling eyes of Fady Chamoun scream the “American Dream”. He came from Lebanon in 1972 to study engineering at the University of Michigan and s......


Jerusalem, Where Archeology Meets Religion And Politics

The pounding of the hammer resonates in the subsoil of Jerusalem. “They are in the process of constructing a synagogue,” said the Israeli tour guide in front of......