Cyber Security — Is The Internet A Sitting Duck?

All the recent attacks on the Internet would be the perfect screenplay for a movie. Though not a very good one, rather horror than action. But skimping on the pay for movie stars, we’d only n......


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European Parliament head Martin Schulz has been fighting for decades for a more influential Brussels. It will be a tough sell as he returns to the rough world of national politics.


Only Angela Merkel Can Stop The Liberal West From Imploding

Guests are like dead fish, they say: after three days they start to smell. When it comes to government leaders, it usually takes a little longer. The Americans oblige their president to clear the W......


Not The First Time Elites Failed To See History Being Made

Experts do know a lot. But they have a tendency to consider the object of their expertise as immovable.


The End Of Grief, How Our Uprooted Lives Are Making Death Anonymous

MUNICH — Grief is demonstrative resistance against loss. Cemeteries and funerals are ways to combat death, preserving the lives of the departed by allowing people to remember them. Death, we......


German Front Page: Merkel Morphs Into Kohl

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed her run for a fourth time, Berlin-based daily Die Tageszeitung opted for a notably creepy photo montage.