Cuba Faces A Big Environmental Question After Castro’s Death

-Analysis- BOGOTÁ - In his 50 years or so as Cuban leader, Fidel Castro oversaw big changes on the island. Today with the demise of this landmark figure, Cuba......


Post-Trump Crossroads: Deeper Democracy Or A Slide Toward Fascism?

People should not dismiss the meaning of a spate of shocking electoral results, for the world may be entering a period of democratic decline.


Rare Poll Finds LGBT Students Fear School Because Of Bullies

BOGOTÁ - School can be awful for many thanks to bullying, but in Colombia, harrassment, and not just from classmates, can be far worse for gays and lesbians. A poll taken by......


Stitches And Ashes, A Colombian Artist Tries To Heal The Wounds Of War

For famed Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, sewing a vast sheet with the names of victims of the country's civil conflict is a sprawling but humble attempt at some form of salvation.


Speed And Anonymity On The Internet Is Killing Truth

The great paradox of our time is that we've never had access to so much information, and yet have never been so badly informed.


Manichaean Democracy, What's Wrong With Referendums

Momentous national referendums in Colombia and Britain have shown how dangerous it can be to put complicated decisions in the hands of a fickle populous.