China, A Global Superpower? Not So Fast

Those Chinese who have had the experience of traveling to other countries have all probably noticed the differences at home and abroad. In the US and Europe, they probably envy how the people live......


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Is China's Fast Developing Sports Industry An Opportunity Or A Bubble?

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Serious Risks Of Trump Presidency For The Asian Economy

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China, From Shrinking Exports To Currency Devaluation

In terms of American dollars, and compared with last year, China's exports fell in September by 10%. Even taking into account the seasonal holidays, the fall was 6.9%, and was a 0.5% furt......


In China, Local Governments Crack Down On Sharing Economy

Mirroring some of the battles Uber has faced in cities around the world, local car-hailing apps in China like Didi Chuxing are getting heat from municipal administrations trying to protect the status quo.


In Communist China, Hui Muslims Enjoy Rare Religious Perks

Unlike the ethnic Uighurs, the Hui are a much more assimilated Muslim minority, which gives them more religious freedom. Still, there are limits — and changes afoot.