Polish Schools Celebrate LGBT Students Despite Backlash

Polish schools celebrate ''Rainbow Friday''. Every student should feel accepted and respected. Law and Justice MPs are protesting and urging parents to sign declarations. ......


Poland's Abortion Battle, Why Free Women Are Done With Weak Men


The Day That Changed Polish Women Forever

The massive march in Warsaw and other protests against Poland's proposed strict new anti-abortion law is a revolutionary moment in what it means to be a Polish woman.


Attacks In Poland For Speaking Foreign Languages

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Refugees, The Moral Failure Of Poland's Leaders

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NATO Prepares For War With Russia As If Inevitable

Since the conflict in Ukraine, Western military leaders are operating under the assumption that an armed conflict with Vladimir Putin's Russia will eventually happen. Signs of tension are everywhere.


Just 38 Granted Refugee Status In Poland

WARSAW — Of the nearly 4,000 foreigners who have applied for international refugee protection in Poland since the start of the year, just 38 have received refuge......