Netanyahu, The Real Master Of Populism

Right-wing populists are advancing in every corner of the world, but let's not forget the Israeli prime minister who has been in power for years. Here's his formula.


Jerusalem, Where Archeology Meets Religion And Politics


Silent Delivery, How My Stillborn Twins Made Me A Better Mother

"If only the world's shattered people carried a sign, a small mark of Cain so that we could be gentler with them, maybe smile a bit more – not to pity them, but to console ..."


Shimon Peres RIP, With Middle East Peace So Far Away

Shimon Peres, whose six decades of public service included stints as both Israel's prime minister and president, has died at the age of 93, two weeks after suffering a stroke. The joint 1994 Nobel......


Hungry Gaza Farmers And The Price Of A New Year's Tomato In Israel

Last year, the price of vegetables surged 140% during the high holiday season, yet the Israeli government still opposes the import of cheap, high-quality produce from Gaza.


How Israel Became A Role Model In Fighting Terrorism

Since its creation, the Hebrew state has adapted to a permanent terrorist threat, thanks to a dynamic model of which the central elements are intelligence and the involvement of the civil society.


Israeli Settler Birthrate Tops Palestinians — A Political Problem

As births by Israeli settlers tops Palestinians in the West Bank, the "demographic advantage" could vanish, and undermine hopes for a peace settlement.


Tel Aviv Aftermath, Politics Of Palmyra, Spanish Sheep Attack

SPOTLIGHT: MIGRANT RISKS Whether fleeing war or poverty, migrants from Africa and the Middle East continue to risk their lives to reach Europe for what's been adver......