Impact: Organic Revolution


When Red Is Green, Bordeaux Winemakers Bet On Environment

MARCILLAC — From the edge of the vineyard, one can see a small wooden hosting shed for honeybees and other insects with translucent wings. The vegetation along the ground is den...


In Morocco, A Village Poor In Land But Rich In Gardens


The Desalination Fix: Inside Israel' Water Revolution

TEL AVIV — From the beautiful beach of Palmachim, on the Israeli coast, it's hard to picture what's happening below your feet, where 624,000 cubic meters of sea water are be...


Urban Gardening Takes Root In Egypt

CAIRO — Interested in planting summer vegetables such as pepper, zucchini or molokhia? Now is just about th...


Dutch And Colombians Brew Up Green Coffee Cooperation

The Netherlands, a major consumer of sustainable coffee, is helping to make production in Colombia more environmentally friendly for the benefit of grower and drinker alike.


African Women On Climate Change Front Line

Women farmers in Lower Congo have been the first to notice the effects of desertification, and the first to react.


Recreating Rural, Growing Organic For Medellin's Displaced

The Colombian city hosts the most citizens displaced from rural areas by the country's ongoing civil conflict. A special program allows these domestic refugees to farm in the city.


Happy Cow? The Murky Science Of Measuring Bovine Happiness

HAMBURG — It’s good to have a clear conscience about breakfast, so when the


5 Organic Projects Taking Root Around The World

Organic fever has been taking over the world over the past few years, appealing to some but shunned by others. Sustainability is a word often linked wi...


Tradition vs. Hygiene? A French Case For Preserving Old Cheese

PARIS — For the last few years, cheese has been at the center of a debate that is as gastronomic as it is economic and sociocultural. Facing increasingly strict regul...


Where Pigs And Bananas Help Face Climate Change

PORT VILA — The small boat slices through the turquoise water that separates Efate from Pele — two of the 80-some islands that make up Vanuatu, a 


City Garbage Is The Poor Farmer's Fertilizer in Burundi

NGOZI — In the north of Burundi, only the wealthiest farmers have the means to buy state-subsidized fertilizer. Poorer farmers make do with the garbage they can colle...


A Loud, Slow Call To Rethink Everything About How We Feed Ourselves

The legendary founder of the Slow Food movement lays out his vision for preserving the world's biodiversity by returning to ancient forms of agriculture. The future of the planet is at stake.

United States

9 Lessons From My Year With Urban Chickens

Chickens can be pretty bird-brained, but keeping laying hens in their backyard has taught these Portland city folk a lot.


Meet Hans Herren, Organic Bug Killer Who Saved Africa From Famine

GENEVA — Between a mission in Ethiopia and a meeting in Rome, Hans Herren stops over in Geneva to speak at a conference at the World Trade Organization. The Swiss agr...


Colombia Postcard: Native Plants And Caribbean Values

Older people in San Basilio de Palenque know 64 edible plants native to the region. Their grandchildren, about half. How can the agriculture past of this region not become history?