Green Or Gone


Year Of Mud, The Heavy Toll Of Brazil's Worst Ever Ecological Disaster

Lives destroyed, entire towns damaged, widespread health problems. There is no end in sight to the toll on a region in Brazil decimated by a toxic dam break last November.


Aroma Of Organic, The Gradual Greening Of Colombian Coffee


Greenwashing Architecture? The Myths Of Sustainable Buildings

For anyone truly concerned with climate change, trends like rooftop gardens and sustainable badges for office buildings are a distraction, at best.


GPS And GoPro Cameras Strapped To Vultures Help Clear Trash In Lima

LIMA — The Peruvian capital has no shortage of vultures flying overhead...


Earth's Expanding Greenery Has An Unlikely Hero

Our planet has actually grown greener. Really. You can thank yourself.


In Uruguay, A Sustainable School Built With Cans And Tires

Borrowing techniques developed by U.S. architect Michael Reynolds, a group of Uruguayan amateurs turned piles of trash into an innovative and one-of-a-kind education center.


How Green Urban Design Lowers Risk Of Climate Change Disaster

Saving rainwater and increasing green spaces are two small steps shown to help fight the ravages of climate change in cities.


In Argentina, Recycling Household Trash Into Design Treasures

A cooperative that's giving formerly jobless Argentines a second chance has evolved from a recycling enterprise into a flourishing sustainable-design business. Many of its partners could never ...


Off Of Tiny Island, Hydraulics Harness Ocean Energy

Using hydraulics to churn energy from its most obvious natural resource, Ushant is on its way toward an environmental overhaul, and other countries are taking note.


Mexico City's Tsunami Of Plastic, A Metaphor For Climate Complacency

The streets of Mexico's capital are littered with plastic and styrofoam, the constant remnants of an irresponsible culture of consumption, an essayist writes. If we can't change simple habi...


Environmental Pirate Paul Watson Runs Aground In Paris

Wanted in two countries for his actions to save endangered marine wildlife, the Sea Shepherd founder is now under the unofficial protective custody of France, where he manages an extreme conservati...


Colombia's Illegal Mystery Road Destroying The Amazon

A new surge in deforestation can be traced to an unauthorized road connecting La Macarena to San Jose del Guaviare. What is the origin? What will be done?


Why COP21 Climate Change Pact Alone Can't Save The Amazon

Deforestation is one of the primary causes of global warming, and much of it has happened across vast areas of the Amazon rain forest. Will pledges at the climate change conference in Paris really ...


After Brazil Dam Burst, Mining Company's Feeble Response

SÃO PAULO — When the dam at the iron ore mine in Mariana burst more than a month ago, killing at least 15 people, it was quickly described as


In Madagascar, Where Climate Change Comes In Cyclones

TOLIARA — The heat and the years have taken a heavy toll on Rebokane Mahatsanga's frail, scaly-skinned body. Squatting, almost prone, among a few bad-looking ears of corn on...


Why Even Dire Environmental Warnings Don't Move People To Act

"Saving the Planet" isn't enough. Activists must begin to think about other ways to push people towards an ecological approach to life.


Earth In Our Hands: Epochal Stakes For Paris COP21

PARIS — France, the host of the COP21, has in its hands the most vital mission it has ever been ent......


Egypt's Fledgling Urban Gardeners Hope State Stays Hands Off

From Alexandria to Aswan, urban gardening in Egypt is growing, especially on rooftops. The movement wants to be allowed to develop without the prying policies of a government that has other priorit...


A Climate Of Insecurity: Global Warming As “Threat Multiplier”

An EU report issued to member states seven years ago offered an eerily accurate warning of what was to come — that areas affected by global warming and political tension (Yemen, Syria, etc.) would ...


Climate Change, Earthquake Spell Double Trouble For Nepalese Farmers

NAUBISE — In the village of Naubise, about 90-minute drive from the capital ...


Why The Paris Climate Conference Promises A Lot Of Hot Air

Though 146 countries have pledged to fight global warming ahead of the UN's COP21 conference, market realities and other forces means such commitments are unlikely to materialize.


Scaling Biomass, An Energy Revolution Takes Root In Hungary

PECS — When they first took the plunge two years ago, farmers around Pécs may have only seen it as a way to improve profit margins. Certainly nothing wrong with that. But...