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A Quick Primer On Yapura, Colombia's Pungent "Jungle Butter"

BOGOTA — During the difficult months of the rainy season, when daily downpours put a damper on hunting and fishing, the Tatuyo indigenous people of Vaupés, in Colombia...


The Humble Brioche Goes Haute Cuisine


Brazil's Magic Food Truck Recipe: Culinaria, Crisis, Creativity

After spreading in the U.S. in the wake of the financial crisis, food trucks are arriving in Brazilian cities such as Sao Paulo, which are eager for culinary adventure at a low price.


My Big Fat Greek Vacation: A Pregnant Woman's Athens Food Odyssey

ATHENS — We were staying in the downtown area close to Athens' Kotzia Square, walking distance from the local fish market, the hardware market and local spice vendors. So a ...


Can A Miracle Wine Gadget Win Over Paris?

Coravin, which allows you to sample the finest bottle without uncorking it, is being hailed as a game-changer for the wine industry. It was greeted with mixed reviews in the city that may still mat...

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The Italian Mozzarella Bar Conquering The World

A second Obica location has now opened in New York, bringing the global chain's high-end authentic mozzarella experience to a new level of global expansion.

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How The Temperature Of A Drink Changes The Taste Of Food

GENEVA - From one culture to another, the temperature of what people drink during their meals can vary. In many Asian countries for instance,


You Haven't Really Tasted Oysters Until You've Tried Them In Chile

SANTIAGO - We know that Chilean writer and Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Pablo Neruda (1904–1973) was a


Fresher Than Raw: Extreme Foodies Savor Fare That's ... ALIVE!

Eat that octopus before it slithers away, call the maggots to your turning cheese, and other moving selections from the living menu.


Eleven Coffee Foam Masterpieces From Japan's "Cappuccino Painter"

Worldcrunch OSAKA - Tired of getting the same cup o' Joe every morning? Think your


Stranded On Robinson Crusoe Island? Enjoy The Lobster

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA - For days, Teresa Maldonado has only had bad news for waiting passengers. "No room on the plane today! We’ve got to fly the

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What Is The World Drinking? The (Mostly) Non-Alcoholic Edition

Worldcrunch BUENOS AIRES - Last week, a study was released that showed Argentinians drin...


How France Fell In Love With Japanese Whiskey

PARIS – Using a three-pronged ice crusher, the bartender strikes the massive frozen block with practiced precision. In no time at all, he is able to shape the ice ...


Meat-Loving Argentina Asks: Where's The Beef?

Cost-conscious chefs in Buenos Aires veer away from top sirloin to lesser cuts -- and pork and poultry too.


The Five Commandments Of *Haute Cuisine* By The Most Decorated Chef In The World

SAINT-TROPEZ – Star, entrepreneur, chef, and the most decorated cook in the world, Alain Ducasse always has a place to be. He’s perpetually traveling arou...


Seeking The True Source of Arabica Coffee In The Ethiopian Forest

MAGNATE - The jeep makes its way along a path of red earth, bordered on either side by forest trees. We have not passed a living soul for miles, apart from a few ba...


Macarons: How The Gems Of French Pastry Seduced The World

COLMAR – The world’s love affair with French macarons is here to stay. In order to meet global demands, the pastry chef who made macarons famous, ...


Elysee Aromatic - Journey Into The Wine Cellar Of France's Presidential Palace

PARIS - The wine cellar of the French Presidential Palace – the Elysée – where ...


Care For Something Wild? Natural Wines Go Upmarket

GENEVA - Pontus Elofsson, head ...


Argentina's Nueva Cocina: Fusion Stirs Life Into Traditional Recipes

BUENOS AIRES - Steak sushi (a sushi roll filled with cooked steak), served with grape leaves, quinoa and Malbec barbecue sauce.  From the very first pages, the new ......