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Starbucks "Creative" Cup Sizes Shake Up Customers In China

BEIJING — If you've ever had trouble ordering at Starbucks, just know you probably have plenty of company: millions of Chinese coffee lovers. When one customer recently posted an open letter onl...


French Superstar Chef Alain Ducasse Launches Haute Cuisine For Astronauts


Fistful Of Pesetas

For a fistful of dollars (actually, pesetas), I was able to visit Tabernas and its movie sets that were used in Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns in the 1960s. Cue some chords from Ennio Morricone ...


Pristine Ruins

Timgad, in the Aurès Mountains of Algeria, is sometimes nicknamed "the Pompeii of Africa." The Roman grid plan of this city, where my wife and daughter were walking, is remarkably well preserved. ...


For Restaurants, Michelin Stars Bring Heat And High Costs

GENEVA — Two weeks ago, the Michelin Guide published its latest edition, sprinkling its coveted stars on some of the most deserving restaurants, and withholding...


Egypt Hotels Shut Door On Single Female Travelers

CAIRO — Two months ago I set out to reserve a hotel room in the Egyptian city of Minya for a work trip. A quick and easy task, I thought. I called more than 10 hotels but they a...


Veganism And Climate Change, Quest Of A Curious Meat Eater

Steak or avocado, which is worse for the environment? And other pressing questions for an omnivore flirting with a flip to the vegan life.


Cuzco, A Living Ode To Peru's Pre-Colonial Past

From architecture to food, history lives on in the Andean city, where residents continue to celebrate their Inca heritage and traditions.


How One Family' Wine Saved A Remote Italian Island

Making the sweet wine Passito is backbreaking work but has given Pantelleria, an island off the Tunisian coast, a new lease on life.


"Airbnb Of Food" Allows You To Break Bread With Strangers

Just as Airbnb allows people to share their homes, a pair of new "table d'hôte" sites are giving amateur cooks a chance to share their tables.


Oldest Tunnel Through Alps Reopens, No Cars Allowed

Tourists can take a trip through time—and across the French-Italian border—in the 75-meter Monte Viso Tunnel, a footpath originally built during the Renaissance.


A Colombian Quest For Coffee Perfection

A handful of producers are trying to boost the quality of coffee in Colombia, and improve rural lives in the process. They'd also like local consumers to be a bit more discerning.


Traffic Jams And Yoga, A Skeptical German Ventures To India

Just go, leave everything behind and relax. We sent our reporter to Jodhpur, India's blue city, where he is desperately trying to disconnect with all his worldly stress.


Farming Florida-Bred Shrimp In A German Sewage Plant

STRANDE — Just north of Strande, along northern Germany's Kiel Fjord, stands the Bülk lighthouse, built in 1865 and still functioning. Around it are rocky beaches, a fa...


Terrorism And Tourism: Red Alerts On World Tourism Map

A heat map from French tourism professionals, forced to rethink where to send eager would-be globetrotters in the face of new and old security threats.


Why The Chinese Eat (And Drink) Anything And Everything

BEIJING — In his book on Confucianism, Taiwanese academic Kung Peng-Cheng explo...


Superstar Chef Ferran Adria Shares His Secret Ingredient

An Argentine newspaper asks if the founder of the now-closed, ultra-famous El Bulli restaurant in Catalonia is the Lionel Messi of the culinary world. Ferran Adria sees it differently.


Kid Crowdfunding Aims To Preserve Sardinian Paradise

When the owners of the tiny, unspoiled island of Budelli went bankrupt and a would-be New Zealand buyer's bid failed, middle school students stepped in, starting an ambitious global fundraising...


Snob's Privilege: On Whining About The Price Of A Fancy Restaurant

Complaining out loud (and on social media) about the high prices at exclusive restaurants is the epitome of upper class lack of self-awareness. A VIP case study in Bogota.


Up Close With Lions And Tigers Rescued From The Underworld

The public is welcome at Germany's "Big Cat Sanctuary," a place of last resort for animals once in the grips of illegal circuses and mob traffickers.


Ride-Along Revival Of Iceland's Ancient Sheep Migration

The Nordic country's annual sheep transfer is a generations-old tradition that has returned to fashion since the financial crisis, a chance to discover the Jökulgil River canyon and its su...


Vegan? Gluten-Free? Lactose Intolerant? Europe's Top Chefs Are Burned Out

HAMBURG — The heat in the kitchens is getting hotter. Life for cooks and chefs around the Western world has grown ever more difficult since healthy diets that exclude everything...