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The Planet's Eyes On U.S. Campaign: A Worldcrunch Special

PARIS - Happy Election Day, America! Happy American Election Day, World!

Still undecided? Still hungry for poll numbers?? Still there???

Worldcrunch is here to help. 

In particular, with our news partners from around the world, we have kept a close eye on how non-Americans have been covering the U.S. campaign: from the Italian correspondent trying to figure out Ohio to the French dissecting the meaning of "Republicanism" to the Beijing newspaper asking why Asian-Americans were getting so little attention from Obama and Romney.

Use Tuesday, when there's little left to do but wait for the only poll that matters, to explore our special coverage:

President As Enigma: The Seven Mysteries Of Barack Obama - NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR (France)

The World Eyes Northern Ohio: Will Joe The Plumber's Neighbors Decide The Election? LA STAMPA (Italy)

When The Middle Class Decides: The Economics Of Obama vs. Romney LES ECHOS (France)

Four Years Later, Obama's African "Brothers" Give Him Mixed Marks LE TEMPS (Switzerland)

Latin America To Romney And Obama: Get Serious About Immigration AMERICA ECONOMIA (Chile)

Tea Party Protest

(photo: John Lemieux


Facing The Fiscal Cliff, Obama Is Best Hope For Global Economy AMERICA ECONOMIA (Chile)

Postcard From Texas: "Obama Is Driving America To The Brink" LE TEMPS (Switzerland)

America The Nostalgic: Electing A President Of A Nation In Decline LE MONDE (France)


(photo: Rachel Strohm


A Question From China For Obama And Romney: Why Are You Ignoring Asian-Americans? CAIXIN (China)

The Obama-Romney Mall Poll - A Foreign Hunt For America's Undecided LE MONDE (France) 

Tale Of Two Republicanisms: Why Even Conservatives In France Don't Get The GOP LES ECHOS (France)

Why Romney's Vow To Make America Less *European* Is Good For Europe DIE WELT (Germany)

Unpacking Ann Romney: How A Would-Be Mormon First Lady Looks Abroad LE MONDE (France)

America = Bubbles

(photo: Mark Fowler)

Mitt Romney’s Special Message For Europe: “Not One Cent” Of Bailout Cash LA STAMPA (Italy)

Sure, A Third-Party Candidate Would Lose. But America Needs One Anyway DIE WELT (Germany)

Where's The Change? Obama Gets Big Thumbs Down From Once Enamored Europe TAGES ANZEIGER (Switzerland)

Mitt Romney, The French Years LE MONDE (France)


Banner photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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