Taiwan, Province of China

Trump And My Taiwan: A Phone Call Can Change Everything

Late last Friday night my son told me that the Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, had had a phone call with Donald Trump. I was over the moon. This was the best news for Taiwan in over...


Why Turkey's Assault On Press Freedom Is Different This Time


How I Kissed Goodbye To My Dream Of Becoming A Millionaire

-Essay- I recently turned 30, so I reckon I've already lived through one-third of my life. Which means I still have at least 20,000 days to make all of my dreams come...


When You Share A Hometown With Adolf Hitler

BRAUNAU AM INN — The town I live in looks like a picture postcard. It's quaint and colorful and, with 16,000 people, it looks like most small towns in Europe except for one...


Sexism, Italian-Style: Bad News For My Eight-Year-Old Daughter

Italy is, still, a deeply sexist country. A recent murder and suicide remind one mother why part of her shuddered at the thought of having a baby girl.


Seven Women In A Turkish Holding Cell

This summer, I was arrested in Turkey. It was the wrong time, and I was in the wrong place — visiting the predominantly Kurdish eastern regions of the country. For the first four days I was h......


The Other Rio — Maria: I Do Not Accept Violence

The third of a three-part series of oral histories from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, so close and yet so far away from the Olympic spotlight.


The Other Rio — Jaquelline: God, If You Exist, Look At Me

The second of a three-part series of oral histories from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, so close and yet so far away from the Olympic spotlight.


France, The Myths Of Human Freedom And Terror

With the third major terrorism attack on French soil in 18 months, the question "Why France?" is another way to measure the stakes that apply to us all.

Palestinian Territory

Couchsurfing In Palestine, Part 3: Death At The Door

This is the third and final installment of a three-part series "Couchsurfing In Palestine." Read ...

Palestinian Territory

Couchsurfing In Palestine, Part 2: Where Are You From?

This is the second installment of a three-part series "Couchsurfing (And Keeping Secrets) In Palestine." ...

Palestinian Territory

Couchsurfing (And Keeping Secrets) In Palestine — Part 1

-Essay- There must be an infinity of good stories to tell about the bus from Jerusalem to Ramallah. At its starting point, the streets are well kept, like in a first-world countr......


Overcoming The Fear Of Fleeting Happiness

-Essay- I am short of breath. My brow is wet with sweat, and my fingertips are tingling. I can't seem to concentrate. I'm happy, but there's this idea nagging inside......


The Limits Of Modern Privacy, Lessons From Mongolia

Each night I return home to one of the greatest luxuries available to human beings: an empty room. There is no one to speak to if I do not wish to make conversation, and no one to make demands of m......


Domestic Work, That Insidious Worldwide Bastion Of Sexism

From the poor to the pretty rich, women are still stuck with the lion's share of housework and child-rearing. By one estimate, if each hour of domestic work were paid at minimum wage, it would total 33% of France's GDP.

Czech Republic

A Brazilian Superman, Lost And Homeless In Prague

PRAGUE — Czech Republic was......


Rock, Rebellion And My Misguided Shame Of Brazilian Culture

A South American writer rethinks the soundtrack of his teenage revolution, concluding that his aversion to culturally significant genres was a youthful indiscretion that deprived him of musical riches.

North Korea

A Swiss Man's Bizarre Quest To Give Kim Jong-Un A Toblerone

Switzerland-born globetrotter Olivier Racine does things because he can. He wanted to give the North Korean dictator two gifts from his country, a giant Toblerone chocolate bar and a piece of the Matterhorn mountain. This excerpt from his recently publish