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Fidel’s Unfinished Dream — Massive Art School Is Metaphor For Cuba

-Analysis- One of Cuban leader Fidel Castro's most visionary, and least affordable, projects was the Escuelas Nacionales de Arte or the National Art Schools. The complex was built on a con...


Charlie Hebdo Goes To Germany


Town In Colombia Aims To Ban Catcalling With New Law

A town in southwestern Colombia is trying to clamp down on catcalling — “piropos” (compliments) as they’re known locally — that is all too common in a country long plagued by machismo. In a rare...


Cure For Crying Babies? Medical Help For Sleepless Parents In Munich

Babies cry, that’s normal. But what if your baby does not stop crying and drives you up the wall? For more than 25 years, a Munich-based medical department has helped parents cope with crying babie...


How Buenos Aires Tries To Keep The Peace Between Neighbors

BUENOS AIRES — City living often means getting to know your neighbors well, though not necessarily by choice. Whether its late-night partying or that leak from their floor through your ceiling, apa...


"Canine Gangs" Threaten Brazilian Indigenous Tribes

SAO PAULO — Anywhere you look, they're there. You could be attacked, even inside your own home. For the 800 indigenous Guarani people living in the four villages of the northern Sao Paulo district ...


What Science Says About Animals That Love Human Cuddles

When we pet an iguana, we are taking advantage of a communication channel that already exists between iguanas. Evolution can work across species too.


India, A Dumping Ground For Rich World’s Toxic Electronic Waste

SEEMAPURI — In this neighborhood on the outskirts of Delhi, electronic scrap keeps growing. Piles and piles of electronic waste or "e-waste" litter the narrow alleys here from o...


Why Egyptian Women Don’t Breastfeed: Bad Maternity Leave, Public Shame

CAIRO — Wessam Said, 28, would have liked to breastfeed her child, but something was holding her back that had nothing to do with health or social norms: as the family's main breadwinner, she was s...


How Wildlife Survives Along A Toxic Argentine River

As officials plan a cleanup of the foul Matanza-Riachuelo River Basin, in Buenos Aires scientists are awed by the handful of creatures that manage to survive there.


Inside Indonesia’s Only Province With Sharia Law

BANDA ACEH — The cafe is packed with men sitting in front of their third cup of coffee. They chat and smoke kreteks — a type of local clove cigarettes. The lighthearted...


Polish Schools Celebrate LGBT Students Despite Backlash

WARSAW — Schools in Poland celebrated "Rainbow Friday" for the first time so that students, regardless of th...


Gatekeeper Moms, Why Some Mothers Shut Fathers Out Of Caring For Kids

MUNICH — Some women block any effort by men to take part in the raising of their children. This is often more about the mother's own feeling of powerlessness than about thei...


Kish, Iranian Oasis Of Freedom Far From Pious Mainland

KISH — The island of Kish is a far cry from the rest of Iran. Although it's just 19 kilometers from the mainland, this Persian Gulf outpost features the kind of open hedonism th...


Digital Data, The New "Paint" For French Artists

NANTES — In contemporary art, digital data is as much a medium as paint these days. One of the best works showcased during Scopitone, a festival centered on all things...


When Art Tarnishes A Masterpiece Of Architecture

-Essay- BUENOS AIRES — Exploiting architectural masterpieces as props for so-called ephemeral art is starting to become something of a permanent habit. ...

United States

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize On 19 Front Pages Around The World

The newspapers, they all went along for the ride ...


Stitches And Ashes, A Colombian Artist Tries To Heal The Wounds Of War

For famed Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, sewing a vast sheet with the names of victims of the country's civil conflict is a sprawling but humble attempt at some form of salvation.

Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC, Environmental Costs Of Congolese Wood Industry

LIPUA LIPUA — He'd been away for some time in Mbandaka, the capital of the northwestern Équateur province along the Congo River. But when Pierrot Mawambe returns to L......


An Indonesian Village Where Farmers Are Still Guided By The Stars

For decades the village of Cirompang in West Java has been self-sufficient when it comes to food. Residents rely on ancestral wisdom to grow and harvest rice.


Beyond Bad Food, Malnutrition Plagues Brazilian Hospitals

PORTO ALEGRE — Sitting on the bed in her white hospital gown, Jéssica Almeida was devouring a hamburger. But the scene is deceiving. In total, the 17-year-old spent a mon...