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A Post-NAFTA Plan B For Trump Era? Mexico Must Get Serious

-OpEd- MEXICO CITY — Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto recently told a gathering of CEOs at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit that his country sees no need to renegotiate t...

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Cuba Policy Exposes Tensions To Come In Trump Presidency


Draghi, Yellen And Central Banks In The Age Of Trump

In the wake of the U.S. election, central bankers unite to stabilize the world economy in the face of populist calls to scrap regulations.


The Sun May Be Setting On Solar Energy Boom

PARIS — Solar has become the new energy El Dorado. With the price of solar panels plummeting, solar energy has developed spectacularly in recent years. Less than 10 years ago, there were only a few...


Long Lines, Black Markets: How India’s Cash Crunch Looks On Street Level

NEW DELHI — I am outside the Reserve Bank of India building in New Delhi. It’s 8 a.m. The bank opens at 9 a.m. but more than 300 people have already queued up here. Among them is 60-year-old Mo...


In Japan, A Troubling Link Between Samurai Spirit And Workaholics

A stressful Japanese work culture is deeply ingrained in the country's mindset, with historical roots and very modern health risks.


Serious Risks Of Trump Presidency For The Asian Economy

HONG KONG — Just when China's economy


China’s Growing Companies Need Maturity, Not Just Money

Chinese business leaders should learn lessons from Japanese firms' spending sprees of the 1980s and 1990s.


When Brexit Hits Cyprus, Isle Of Offshore Banking And British Expats

Britain's decision to leave the EU is having a ripple effect on the island nation of Cyprus, where ex-pats and tourism operators are already feeling the pinch. But there may be a more long-term...

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Political Intrusion, The Eternal Poison For Central Banks

LONDON — In most of the developed world, central banks are free to set monetary policy without the interference of those who depend on voters for their employment. That independ...


Why Energy-Rich Bolivia Is Mired In Economic Crisis

Like other Latin American countries, Bolivia has squandered commodity revenue and failed to make the hard reforms necessary to bolster the economy for the long haul.


"Upcycling" — Turning Trash Into Products To Create Zero Waste

PARIS — Can we one day live in a world where there's zero trash? A German chemist named Michael Braungart believes it is possible. He encourages companies to put a com...


That Billion-Dollar War Between The EU And U.S. Just Got Nastier

Brussels punishes Apple and the call from Washington follows promptly: Deutsche Bank owes them $14 billion. The race for the White House doesn't help matters.


Will Algorithms Make Financial Advisers Obsolete?

Financial advice from computers could help private investors make more rational, efficient and profitable decisions. But even if a human element is irreplaceable, the humans in the industry must ad...

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No Post-Brexit Vote Apocalypse For UK Economy — Yet?

PARIS — So far, so good. The collapse of the British economy predicted by the former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, in a case of a


Legal Services Go “Uber” In France

PARIS — Technology is changing the way people secure legal services, turning clients into "consumers" by allowing them to bypass traditional law firms. Need help drafting that s...


Why Oil Firms Are Pumped About The Colombia Peace Deal

Decades of civil war have ravaged Colombia's environment and undermined opportunities at oil exploration. Now with peace looming, big and small firms alike are ready to pursue the government...

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How Robert McNamara And The Whiz Kids Invented Big Data

History mostly knows him as the disgraced architect of the Vietnam War, but McNamara first made his mark in the corporate world with his mastery of numbers before it was as fashionable as it is today.


Cuba Embraces Free Market, China-Style

Whatever the hopes for Cuba, the country's regime seems keen to follow the profit model for the economy to shore up its political grip. Just like China and Russia.


Can Latin America's Economy Rebound? Keep An Eye On Brazil

Capital flows back into Latin America suggest Brazil's economic free fall may have stopped.

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The Apple-Samsung War Turns 10

The two tech giants are engaged in an all-out struggle for market supremacy. Samsung may sell more smartphones, but Apple generates more profit. Where will each turn next?


Is The Big Mac Index Obsolete?

Japan's Nomura company thinks technology prices tell us more about currency comparisons than fast food.