Brazil 2014


The Bigger Meaning Of Germany's National Team

The Mannschaft's World Cup winning team was the perfect embodiment of what Germany hopes to be perceived as — a mix of artistry, perseverance, solidarity and individual freedom.


Argentina, The Pain And The Pride


After World Cup, Brazil Returns To Normal - What A Shame!

Can Brazil apply the successful “Copa template” to everyday life and political leadership? Too often, the country tends to disappoint when the rest of the world isn't watching.


Brazil's World Cup Humiliation Threatens Dilma's Reelection

BRASILIA — What will be the political and ...


World Cup Detour With Amazonia's Indigenous

MANAUS — The “City of God,” a poor neighborhood in the Amazonian city of ...


How Globalization Undermines Soccer's Elite

The international movement of talent has helped level the playing field of top national soccer teams. Among other things, it has also produced the most wide-open World Cup in memory.


Finding Soccer's Universal Light In Bitter Defeat

After the heartbreaking loss to host Brazil, a diehard Chile fan ponders the real meaning of the World Cup in a world with so much else to worry about.


Brazil's Soccer Mom Turned Top Lawyer For Stars

Gislaine Nunes, 47, is the most prominent soccer attorney in Brazil. From Pelé to Ronaldinho, she has defended many stars, and her success has earned her as much fortune as hostility.


Meet The World Cup's Exoskeleton Miracle Athlete

Juliano Alves Pinto hadn't walked since a 2006 car accident. Then, just a few days ago, the world watched as he wore a mind-controlled exoskeleton to make the opening kick of the World Cup in Brazil.


Sepp Blatter's FIFA, Ugly Side Of The Beautiful Game

A Latin American call for the global soccer chief to step aside amidst ongoing corruption investigations. Yet even a Blatter-less FIFA would still have a long road to rectitude.


World Cup Fever Leads To Arrest Of Colombian Rebel

BOGOTA — Blame it on Rio. Colombia officials arrested one of the country's most so......

United Kingdom

Beautiful Game Theory: Professor Predicts World Cup

A London School of Economics professor has developed complex mathematical formulas that he says can predict what can happen on the pitch. Why is Spain so good? What's your bet?


Soccer, The New Opiate Of The Masses

It may have begun as a game, but soccer has become a substitute for so many facets of people's lives, including politics and war, writes Colombian novelist Jose Luis Garces Gonzalez.


Inside Qatargate, War Between Soccer's Top Two Suits

PARIS — There is no doubt among the people at the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), ...


High-Tech World Cup Secrets From Italy's National Team

FLORENCE — The Italian national soccer team has landed in Brazil, and each player is carrying an extra card with them. It's similar to an ATM bank card,......


World Cup Aside, Brazil's Economy Stinks

If Brazil wants to attain ambitious development goals, it needs radical reforms to its insular economy and inefficient public administration.


Soccer's Long-Ignored Depression Problem

Though it has been taboo to discuss, the top ranks of soccer are rife with players who suffer from depression during and after their careers.


Dilma And The Risks Of A World Cup Backlash

President Dilma Rousseff's once widespread popularity is sinking. But if Brazilian protests reignite when the World Cup begins, it could have major consequences on her October reelection bid.


Brazil 2014: Best Of Times, Worst Of Times

As the Brazil's "commodities supercycle" grinds to a halt, Dilma Rousseff's economic policy has failed to find a new path. Is World Cup excitement enough to avoid a national bust?