When Art Thieves Target Treasures In Churches

Churches are besieged by a specific type of thief — those hired by art collectors to steal specific pieces. The intrinsic loss caused by these actions is often irreparable, but church communities i...


Building With Bottles On A Panamanian Island


Maduro Pushes Venezuela To The Brink

With his recent "state of emergency" declaration and decision to put the army on high alert against the threat of hostile "interventions," Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro continues to...


India's Water Crisis Turning Brothers Into Enemies

MUMBAI — In the western state of Maharashtra, dozens of men, women and children surround a water tanker on the main road. They hold pitchers, buckets and other containers, and a...



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Taiwan, Province of China

Iraq-Syria-Europe: On The Shifting Front Line Against ISIS

The Islamic State has been significantly weakened, at least from a military point of view, in Iraq and Syria. But the final blow keeps being postponed, even as jihadists strike in the heart of the ...


Exclusive: Egypt Military Officers Convicted Of Muslim Brotherhood Coup

A military court has convicted 26 military officers with conspiring to overthrow the current regime in collaboration with two prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders, according to a copy of the secret...


Gulf Countries And The Art Of Fast-Tracking Big Public Works

DUBAI — Unlike other places, where building a new subway line can wind up taking a decade or more, the United Arab Emirates offers a very different approach to major public proj...


Turkey Forced To Finally See ISIS Reality Through U.S. Eyes

After last month's border attack, some hard Syrian lessons for Ankara, which has finally opened a key air base for attacks against ISIS positions.


Parasite Of Power, Demise Of A 21st-Century Chinese Guru

BEIJING — Wang Lin is one of China's best-known (and self-proclaimed)


Breaking Down The "Beauty Bonus" - Why Attractive People Get Paid More

MUNICH — The old proverb that says, "beauty pulls more weight than oxen," is getting some close investigation in the modern job market. The latest study from Germany found that ...


Tikrit In Ruins After Saddam Hometown Liberated From ISIS

TIKRIT — A line of vehicles has formed in front of the


New Exports From Argentina: Brains and Advice

BUENOS AIRES — Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the 19th century activist and intellectual who went on to be Argentina's seventh president, was a firm believer in the e...

United States

Miami Real Estate Market Is Hot Hot Hot. Is It Boom Or Bubble?

MIAMI — Luis Flores has been on a roll of late, handling real estate deal after real estate deal and helping close, in the past 18 months, on no less than $1 billion worth of pr...

United States

How An Unsuspecting American Became An "Accidental" Korean Soldier

SEOUL — Young Chun is hardly the only U.S. citizen working as an English language teacher in South Korea. But he may the only one who landed the job after being forcibly recruit...


Ecuador: Rafael Correa's "Dictatorship Of The Heart"

-OpEd- BOGOTA — The government of Ecuadoran


Why Blood Donation Is In Such Short Supply In Egypt

CAIRO — A woman carried her son as she pleaded with the doctor in charge of Nasser Institute Hospital's blood bank for a few bags of blood to save his life after a serious car a......


Egyptian President Sisi, A Year Of Strong Words And Symbolism

In his first year as president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has shown surprising rhetorical flair, even as he consistently sends contrasting messages.


Smart Cities International: Tangier Cameras, China Pollution Drones, Buenos Aires Biking

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Umberto Eco, From Old Conspiracy Theories To The Future Of News

Medievalist, novelist, and renown public intellectual, Umberto Eco's most recent novel Numero Zero will be published in English this November. A regular contributor to Italy's L'Espresso......


Elderly Nazis On Trial, And The Crime Of Germany's Post-War Legal System

Even at 93, Oskar Groening must still be tried for his alleged crimes. But the real question is why German authorities didn't try him decades ago. 

Democratic Republic of Congo

In Democratic Republic Of Congo, A Snapshot Of Broken Justice

GOMA — The situation inside Goma’s Muzenza Prison, in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, is highly charged and threatening to explode as severe overcrow...