Play-Doh To Plato, A Case For Teaching Philosophy To Young Kids

Introducing deep thoughts to early child education can pay off later.

Good Morning, Mr. Andersen

You will find many statues of the legendary 19th-century local fairy tales author Hans Christian Andersen in his native Denmark. My own little mermaid Cécile was here standing next to what was ...

United States

A Very Dangerous Man In The White House

Beyond his media attacks and over-the-top reality TV performances, Donald Trump's lack of command of the issues is what should worry us.


Perils Of The "Common Man" - How Male Anger Fuels Populism

Irrational anger is turning ordinary individuals into system wreckers when they are seduced and provoked by demagogues.


Inside The Global Zipper War

Japanese and Chinese rivals battle for dominance in this billion-dollar industry, a tale of a worldwide economy drawing ever closer.


Do Not Underestimate Putin’​s Thirst For Power

-OpEd- BERLIN — The expansion of Vladimir Putin's authority is directly connected to his ability to exploit the weaknesses of Western democracies. But people continue to play down the danger ...


An After-Hours Visit To The Champs-Elysées Seedy Sister Street

Rue de Ponthieu is one of the French capital's choice spots for late-night partying. But it also has a reputation for dodgy encounters and pre-dawn street fights.

North Korea

Poisoning Relations, From Pyongyang To Moscow

-Analysis- When a hit has been ordered, the chosen method for assassination is ultimately of secondary importance. A “successful” car bomb, stabbing or long-distance rifle shot all have the ...


Row Power

Navigating the khlong canals of Bangkok is quite a different experience from being on a Venetian gondola. No rowing oars here, but the famous longtail engine – basically a car engine attached to a ...

United States

Trump White House, On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown?

WASHINGTON — With President Donald Trump in his fourth full week in office, the upheaval inside the administration that West Wing officials had optimistically dismissed as growing pains is now ...


Up-Pill Battle, Brazilian Women Want Men To Use Contraception

SAO PAULO — When the contraceptive pill first appeared in the 1960s, it was celebrated as a symbol of sexual freedom for women. But an increasing number of women in Brazil now see it very ...


New Armed Faction Muscling Into Tripoli Reflects Chaos in Libya

TRIPOLI — As the sun sets on the Libyan capital, the sky takes on an ochre shade over the old city walls surrounding Martyr’s Square. Children play on carousels and the muezzin’s call to prayer ...

United States

Chairman Trump? Revisiting What The Donald Shares With Mao

WASHINGTON — The world seems to be stepping into a new era — literally. As if, all of a sudden, the Gregorian calendar is no longer valid and the world needs to start counting from the beginning. ...


Faraway Forge

This traditional blacksmith, in the open-air museum of Village Historique Acadien in Canada's New Brunswick province, brought back memories of my hometown. I grew up — and still live — near one of ...


Have U.S.-Europe Relations Changed Forever?

After Brexit and Trump, Europe is forced to fight back. The precious Transatlantic Alliance may be at risk.


Perils And Convenience Of A Microchip Implant In Your Hand

Big Brother, if and when he arrives, will start out looking small. Take that mundane office badge or key card you use to pass security before entering your office. Rather than having to carry ...


Holy Bones, Why We're Obsessed With Relics

The office of the bishop of Wurzburg recently received the rib of Saint Aquilinus. But why are the faithful obsessed with relics?


How Can We Resist Donald Trump? Buy "Made In Latin America"

If Trump wants to seal off U.S. borders, Latin Americans can respond by boycotting American brands.