Let Them Speak French! Why I Believe In The "Molière Clause"

-OpEd- PARIS — A lot is being said and written about the "Molière clause," first introduced by Vincent You, an elected representative in the western French city of Angoulême, and which mandates ...

The Diamond Inn

The half-timbered Feathers Hotel in Ludlow, western England, is a gem of Tudor architecture. Strangely enough, when I took this picture, all I could think of was the time it must take to clean the ...

United States

Time Magazine Cover On Truth And Trump

This week's edition of Time magazine It's a looming question for any reader of the news and follower of current events:Time magazine's “Is Truth Dead?” cover this week does well to capture ...


How A Website Used Anti-Immigration Fears To Sell Guns

MUNICH — On Oct. 5, German doctor Alexander Haase* opened his web browser and dropped merchandise he wanted to purchase into a checkout basket. He paid 590,99 euros — money that went into a ...


Seniority TV! Why We Need More Old Folk On The Small Screen

Innovative television programming could be challenging the dominance of youth on television in Argentina and Brazil.


Chinese Single Women Flock To U.S. To Freeze Their Eggs

BEIJING — For rich and single Chinese women who want it all, America is there to help. The Beijing-based website Tencent Finance reports that U.S. fertility clinics are increasingly catering to ...


London And Brussels, Terror Links Europe

It's a pattern that, sadly, is becoming too familiar in Europe. The initial shock of the latest terrorist attack soon gives way to anger, sadness, prayers, and a gnawing sense of powerlessness. ...


Around The World, 31 Newspapers React To London Attack

A British-born attacker killed four and injured about 40 others yesterday in an attack on Westminster in the heart of London. The attack coincided with the one-year anniversary of the Brussels ...


Populists v. Elites: Lessons From Germany, Past And Present

-OpEd- BERLIN — The rise of populists has given way to an alarming reaction among so-called elites. Many of them are blaming themselves for not having considered those who have been "left ...


The Metamorphosis Of Colombia's Paramilitary Groups

Murderous paramilitary organizations that formed in the 1980s were supposedly dismantled. Elements, however, continue to live on through what the government now calls Organized Armed Groups, or GAO.


True Fiction: Melania Says Basta! The Former First Lady’s Secret In Milan

Two months into Donald Trump's presidency, we already know more — real or fake — than many care to know. But as far as Slovenian-born First Lady Melania Trump, remarkably little has been said or ...


Tallying The Flood Toll In Peru

After several weeks of heavy rains, Lima daily Peru21 has tallied the death and damage from flooding that stretches from north to south in the Latin American nation. "Terrible Toll" is the ...


One Year Later, The Meaning of Brussels

The anniversary of the March 22, 2016 terrorist attacks is a time to reflect on the humanity of the capital of both Belgium and the European Union bureaucracy.


Cod's Country

It is cold in the Lofoten islands of Norway, even in the summer. Not so cold that the fish freezes — just cold enough that salted cod can dry on racks in the sun and wind without rotting. The ...


If Trump Kills NAFTA, "Modern Mexico" May End Up Dead Too

For the ordinary Mexican, the free-trade agreement has been a chance to build a modern country based on the rule of law, and, above all, a ticket to economic development. Without it, Mexico could quickly slide backward.

United States

Apple’s Next Game Changer: Augmented Reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook is betting on AR, which he sees as potentially as groundbreaking as the smartphone.

South Korea

North Korean Clan Intrigue: Who Is Kim Jong-un's Ambitious Half-Sister?

Kim Sul-song, the Supreme Leader's enigmatic half-sister, has extended her influence to new heights. Could she be the real threat to her brother?


Solar And Hydrogen Fuel State-Of-The-Art Electric Ship

LAUSANNE — A Swiss-based charity, Race For Water Foundation, wants to turn the PlanetSolar catamaran into a floating display of emerging hydrogen technologies. "That's unprecedented on a boat," ...